Can’t have your cake…


The 902 entourage is headed to Washington to meet with Obama’s special representative Esther Kia`aina, assistant secretary for insular affairs, Department of Interior.

Firstly, the delegation comprises half the NMI population and so Kia`aina, who’s probably scheduled to visit the NMI next week, would wait for the gals and guys from the islands. She’s probably quizzing why the entire NMI population? Isn’t the NMI sputtering in bankruptcy?

Secondly, the issue on immigration has been in the books since 2009. Did we ever plan for the eventual closure of the CW program? Deja vu, people: Did you review relevant materials before your hop on a junket across the Pacific? Did you bring at least a seven-year plan to show DC a specific agenda addressing this and other related issues? Or is the appeal the usual mea culpa for failing to plan? Why blame USCIS for the NMI’s self-inflicted inadequacy?

Kilili’s plan to introduce a measure on this matter would disappear right smack in a presidential election year that has picked up vicious steam. Plus, it would be hard persuading a Republican-controlled U.S. Congress to assist when it is ready to destroy Obama’s deceptively implemented amnesty on immigration granting millions of illegals entry into the country. Furthermore, a federal court has halted Mr. O’s program where the Department of Justice lawyers were caught with their pants down.

The entourage comprises of the likes of highly esteemed and inarticulate Senator Arnold Palacios as Torres’ second in command. Could he get his thought process and syntax in place before the meeting? Didn’t he champion exemption of Best Sunshine from zoning legal requirements then turn around asking, as though ignorant, if the basic infrastructure could support it? I think the term, sir, is “planning” which triggers some sense of organization that has escaped your nimble mind.

The strategy is a junket trip to show off self-inflicted inadequacies and the fostering of a beggar’s benchmark to cover for our lack of vision and inability to plan for our needs. Despicable! Wouldn’t skype conferencing work equally well with far less expenses against taxpayers here? I know that disorientation is the forte of this administration, but need we display it at the nation’s capital?

We’ve failed fiduciary duty on self-government. Yet we have the audacity to speak as though the NMI is independent. We like American Dollar but told Uncle Sam no divert airfield and other military requirements here. Isn’t there room for reciprocity as part of the US? Nah! Can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Beyond accolades

One of the most significance issues that prompted the formation of the 902 Talks was the joint review of future multi-year financial assistance for the NMI per Section 701. Is there a plan by the 902 Entourage on this matter before it left for DC last week? What’s in this package? How come it was never openly discussed with all key players?

Are you aware that the Obama administration is issuing over 20,000 new “midnight” regulations each of which is as strong as laws approved by the U.S. Congress? Have you done your homework on this score? Is it something you could share with key players? Did you even ask our non-voting delegate for assistance on this matter? Isn’t it important that you are conversant of the impending regulations? Or are you royally clueless?

Are you aware of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that mirrors your responsibility? It’s designed for you to review and select which federal policies are made applicable or inapplicable in the NMI. It limits federal overreach that could compromise self-government of the islands. Or do you even have an inkling of what this provision says?

It seems that once more the NMI boasts of its ability to go to the table completely inadequate and far less conversant of issues it must have under its belt. This is humiliating and a disservice to the work of the commission. Did you even review the previous commission’s work for educated background information?

It’s da ‘Biba’ season!

With the near-total deterioration in the quality of life here, we bow down exasperated sifting through the rubble in search of some common sense or logic of familial issues, specifically stagnant wages.

The personal challenge while we weigh issues ahead in the impending midterm election and the accompanying heavy bag of failed promises. And the acrid odor of republican toxic charge spreads like stench of dead dogs on the road ready to explode.

It’s almost “biba” time and I had to retreat quizzing if it isn’t supposed to be “biliba” season. The former confirms candidacy, the latter the preparation to oust the “do-nothing” bunch. Who then do we keep or re-elect among incumbents when all share a commonality: Do-Nothing!

Fascinating how many of these incumbents really have something to show as justification for their re-election. Riveting too how many would double-up braving another lie hoping to slip by with bags of more empty promises. I mean, you failed this term and you still want another shot at collecting paychecks at taxpayers’ expense?

So what issue of significance or substance did you work through that factually improve the lot of families all over? With an abysmal record and a report card replete with failures do you still want to push for another round of deceit?

Up front is the devastating economic depression—not recession—that has forced so many families into the abyss of abject poverty. What’s your contribution to change this ugly condition in our developmental history? What have you done to help the 51 percent of employees earning what’s federally defined as poverty level income?

Did you fail to see how the price of basic goods has intermittently taken into the heavens like shooting stars while family income remains the same? I feel the chills of the trade winds descending. Is anybody home?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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