Catullus won’t dull us


Catullus won’t dull us

“Odi et Amo, I hate and love the ignorant fish who even
wants the fly while writhing.”— Catullus (84-54 B.C.)

Bigly fish in a huuge bigly pond
sharp hooks and gaffes overlooked
waves a golf club for a magic wand
doesn’t know his goose is cooked
ignorant fish in troubled waters
Chinese say that’s the time to catch
troubling fish his sons and daughters
and 17 lawyers starting to kvetch
can’t tear himself away from the mirror
“only I can do it” he continues to think
generals try to have him see clearer
voters begin smelling the big stink
wanted a deal on that Russian tower
while he was running for election
Mueller continues close inspection
getting closer to the truth by the hour
Catullus’ fish wanting fly and writhing
45’s tax plan has few wealthy tithing.

Trumpty’s DC dump goes nationwide

In DC Trumpty Dumpty did a divisive dump
where the peaceful Potomac river runs through
on a Congress led and misled by a hapless few
broken bad bills in need of a Senate sump pump
so with alt right media ready to divide and pounce
while liberal talk shows blah blah and do their part
newspapers squeeze pounds of flesh ounce by ounce
as Bannon squeals like a blind pig from Breitbart
Mueller digs up dirt not perturbed in the ‘dump’
partisan propaganda machines continue in cyber space
as both sides run around frantically like Forrest Gump
Russian trolls buy media ads to target opponents race
shadows of the Capitol Dome cast gloom everywhere
from west San Diego, Denver, Dallas, to east Delaware.

Belling the bigly cat

“To argue or refute wise counselors abound, the man to execute is harder to be found” – 17th c. French fabulist, Jean De la Fontaine (1621-1695)

So among the investigators who will bell the Bigly cat
in old politics days it was Do Nothings with big cigars
it will take a serious legal swamp rat to accomplish that
perhaps from the inside three generals with many stars
who will stop the daily insults and constant name calling
the Goldman Sachs cabinet rats see Bigly cat’s tweets
filled with meaningless content embarrassing appalling
mumbling words under their breath we won’t repeat
his base loved the moronic screech speech at the U N
Capitol Hill fat rats are tired of the pace of the chase
bellicose invective unheard since Kruschev back when
Congressional rats begin worry about the 2018 race
so around Bigly cat’s neck who will hang the bell
there are so many investigations its still hard to tell.

Senryu one liners for political diners

Leader losing mind needs common sense school, logic blind
policy by tweets, baby building blocks, school of hard knocks
generals gradually gaining ground good governance generated
telling new false tales of Trumpty Dumpty all the King’s men
crystal ball gazing dumb deals antagonistic regulation razing
TV networks echo resists, a nation sees nearsighted narcissist
north to south Kim Young Dumb speaks diarrhea of the mouth
his moves mean the whole world to me, Pacific island home
under toxic hair dye neural networks fry, Trumpty’s dwindling
Potomac pressure, a river of lies rise, needs to cease and desist
election in depth as Soviet subterfuge entropy swallows all
exploring insanity and inanity first year of Trumpty in office.
from the minute he wakes up he’s drinking from a bitter cup
the moment he tweets the world’s collective heart retreats.

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly

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