Choices for give and for take


We are often asked to give/to Red Cross/a typhoon loss/
our families/our in-laws/Santa Claus/a teddy bear/
a cancer rare/needy hungry people here, there, everywhere
when someone’s house burns/ What are our returns?
What do we learn? What do we take home? Read the poem.


Give it all away – take an attitude
Give bucks benevolently – take a break
Give conscientiously – that takes the cake
Give a down payment – please take a dozen
Give even more – take that for example
Give fun to friends forever – time to take five
Give grace and goodness gently – take a guess
Give healthy habits a home – take a hike
Give an inch incognito – take an inch
Give justice give joy – take a jump for joy
Give kazillions of kindness – take a kiss
Give lots of love – take your lumps take less
Give more meaningfully – take no more
Give new ideas a chance – take nothing less
Give with open arms – take only what you need
Give peace a chance – take friendly pictures
Give quiet comfort – take quiet seriously
Give romance a chance – take romance for a walk
Give someone a big hug – take that hug to heart
Give tenderness a try – take time to listen
Give up that anger – take up gentle persuasion
Give with vigor – take victory with love
Give warm fuzzies – freely take warm fuzzies
Give x-rays to sincerity – take x-rays of sincerity
Give your heart with all your might – take your time
Give zany zingers – take zany zingers

Now you have some choices for give and for take
If you don’t try any go poopy and jump in Susupe Lake

This is also an abecedarian poem like my earlier haiku/senryu calendar for April in the April 8, 2015, edition of Saipan Tribune.

Ajinomoto (MSG) on death’s plate

Salty bites tastes and ignites
Taste buds against food duds
Salivation sensation soon excites
All the tongues salivation buds
MSG laboratory analysis
Hooked up with sour so salty
May lead up to kidney dialysis
Regardless if diagnosis faulty
So there is monosodium glutamate
Disguised with something sweet
Described as a complement
with something required to eat
Does this start dietary death at an early age?
Taste it try it you’ll begin the initial stage


#1. There once was a naked singularity
that was not just a cosmic rarity
traveling beyond its event threshold
growing despite gravity younger but old
with general relative quantum theoretical parity

#2. There once was a single black hole
darker than darkest anthracite coal
at the center of the Milky Way
it sucked in stars and held sway
in kind of a cosmic rock and roll

#3. Some theorize a BIG BANG was our start
beginning with a serious ‘singularity’ fart
expanding & growing with relative speed into
galaxies, black holes, stars, and planets too
now BIG CRUNCH theory says we’ll depart

#4. Famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking
left first time observers of him gawking
mute, crippled in a wheel chair, needing a nurse
he examines and explains the universe
with his computer doing all the talking


I could read the sky and make decisions
But now I think I really have no need
Since singers, writers, and musicians
Plant and nourish our brain with seed
I could read a sky world of make believe
And see occasional writing in it too
When jets, biplanes, and prop planes leave
Contrails and signed notes up there in the blue
I could read the sky above and the mud below
Villages, towns, and great cities of the earth
But have to wonder why as down the road I go
Those artists do so well with pathos and mirth
You too can read the sky just like an open book
Hear the music in your heart and take another look


Who ate the pepperoni pizza?
I said Pepe Batbon Connolly
The whole thing by me only
Now I smile like Mona Lisa

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly
(Special to the Saipan Tribune)

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune) Dayao
This post is published under the Contributing Author. He/she does not normally work for Saipan Tribune but contributes for a specific topic or series.

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