Closing out 2019


Is there an innovative event this year that improved the livelihood of our people or at least the 15,000 employees now earning poverty income in wages and salaries?

Is there a plan to improve this inadequacy? It pertains to the quality of life at home, right? It merits serious and prompt review and a set of planned actions.

That you’re now receiving some $99,500 per year makes it even the more urgent that you now revisit the livelihood of people you represent!

Hope it isn’t relegated to the usual “not yet, already” expression of half-cocked politicians who bask at the self-made altar of power. Did Da Boysis forget that we placed them there? Do they know that we could equally deny them the same? May wish to revisit this issue!

Understood its complexity but you seem mute if you have anything up your sleeves to move the needle forward. It’s a matter of resolve, organization and commitment. Are there any takers ready to fulfill fiduciary duty?

In most cities across the country, small businesses have gathered with a sense of purpose to help one another improve services they provide the community on a daily basis. The idea has worked superbly well.

It is shown in improved services throughout small towns and cities. This too can be done here with a sense of fellowship and generosity. The point in this undertaking is to help your fellow businessman improve services. Improvements generate more business meeting community needs. Satisfaction is had on both sides.

It also cements greater relationship between small businesses and folks around town. It grants opportunities for real fellowship with one and all. It fosters trust in daily interactions. It makes for closer working relationship among village members and service providers.

At a recent interview with FN’s Judge Jeanine Pirro, Vice President Mike Pence related plans to cut government-provided healthcare in 2020. It’s something that would affect us too. Have we done our homework how to navigate serious funding cut or “not yet, already?”

What’s the charge?
Trump has been accused of everything in the books that included collusion, bribery, and extortion, among others. He is free of any criminal act versus pertinent constitutional provision or on his own.

Anti-Trumpers must put on the big boys’ pants and deal with baseless personal opinions. A personal view isn’t a crime nor have I seen any that has risen to the level of serious federal crime. Finally, there’s due process rights the accused must receive forthwith.

I was hoping that the reported 15,000 employees earning poverty income wages and salaries would have seen some appreciable increase in their income. None! It perpetuates hardship at home. Is this your considered or educated answer?

Get past your ego and buckle down to resolving the issue once and for all. It’s about the quality of life of people you represent, isn’t it? No more shortsighted offer, please!

Would something for the better happen in 2020 or would it be another round of redundancy in nothing burger? Are Da Boysis ready to tango with real substantive issues or is this a bit too hard to chew? So do we follow your out of sync version of que sera?

It is said that policy improves the livelihood of folks in the villages. Is this the case here or is it one of disorientation that feeds upon piles of other disorientation? What’s the culprit that such is the case?
Indeed, staying focus isn’t a forte among policymakers. Otherwise, issues would have been resolved and real results the consequence of confidence in problem solving. Such is furthest from the conduct of legislative disposition.
No worries! We hear the lack of clarity of understanding in what you end up mumbling in your televised sessions. Articulation needs a lot of improvement!

When more than half of employees are literally struggling with poverty income isn’t this a reason to reset buttons so you could do something positively decisive to improve family income? Or is it easier stopping under the awning of your obvious disorientation?

It’s about the quality of life you took an oath to improve for our people in no uncertain terms. It requires leadership and we are watching if you’re up to the task.

It is known in Chamorro as ina`ayuda or helping. It’s a natural aspect of the local culture—helping your fellow man—especially those most in need. This is accompanied by what’s known as “inana`e”—sharing.

Perhaps this was founded on our hailing from small islands where sharing allows one and all to live peacefully together. It builds confidence among community members who can rely on one another in both good and difficult times.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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