Coronavirus spreads


We know it as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) a fatal respiratory disease. It fills the lungs with fluid and denies airflow that leads to death. It is now in most parts of the world that renders economic activities down to a grinding halt.

Virologists work the clock to produce the right medication to stem the humongous spread of the virus. However, it would take another 1,800 months before the right vaccine is found, according to recent medical reports.

It makes sense a recent decision by the administration to keep tourists from China from visiting the islands. Loss of $40 million is better than billions of dollars to deal with a disease that kills! No room for humiliating lamañana!

Accountability: Someone suggested that we press harder holding public officials accountable for their performance or non-performance. The apparent intent is to keep them on their toes fulfilling fiduciary duty. Seems a quiet sentiment headed toward implosion.

Questions they’ve asked include: What have you done to improve the poverty income of more than 15,000 employees over the last year? Or are you quietly humming “que sera” hoping tons of “biba” would blur your inaction and negligence? How about factual answers this trip to the mount?

Less+: The mounting financial straits here would be a difficult trip up ahead. It makes prudent spending obligatory given the revenue degeneration. The economic decline is seemingly part of the global descend its influence landing on our shores too.

Moreover, every agency is adversely affected by the reduction. The only two agencies whose budget is ensured breathing room are health and education. It’s about the health of our people and future of our kids.

Global economists have asserted that regardless of the trigger there’s the inevitable reduction in financial resources on a worldwide basis. Countries should begin seeing recovery as the rest of the global village returns to normalcy.

It should take several years before this is fully realized. It’s this vacuum that is itself the real challenge.

Here at home, some 15,000 employees are earning poverty income wages and salaries. Perplexing that it ruins quality of life at home yet policymakers are snoozing on the wheels. Why the leper-like treatment of the issue?

Thus the other challenge: revenue generation which so-called leadership must work to increase on a steady basis. Let’s see new ideas up this alley from policymakers as a matter of fiduciary duty.

Policy: In its simplest form, policies are designed with the single purpose in mind: improve the quality of life of people in our community.

It’s laws, rules and regulations the beneficiary of research work and rational debates. In brief, it has gone through the serious review process and approval.

On a more focused basis, what have policymakers done factually that improved the income of some 15-thousand employees now earning poverty income in wages and salaries? Have you put your best foot forward or “not yet, already?” Any plans when would you factually take this up?

Understood the fear of making empty promises, but do you leave the issue to meander on its own? Isn’t this when we hear your plans on a realistic basis or “not yet, already?”

Salute: I tip my hat off to the Board of Education for imposing cuts where necessary while ensuring quality of instructions. It’s a matter of priority and the board deserves the accolades for fulfilling fiduciary duty responsibly.

Its decision should be emulated by all governmental agencies in light of the reduction in revenue. It made the right decision on a timely basis. Thus our educational system could move on with its constitutional and statutory responsibilities.

Conditions place urgency to look at scarce resources that must be dealt with some mature sense of responsibility. In brief, let’s spend within our means to avoid incurring deficit spending.

Example: President Trump removed government from interfering with the lives of simple people. Folks produced more and prosperity was given a chance to flourish to everyone’s benefit. It’s an iconic example what leadership is all about.

Here at home, recent decision by the board of education to cut salaries is an example of a policy matter that had to be implemented. It decided on salary and other cuts while ensuring it didn’t interfere with the delivery of instructions. Other agencies must follow suit in order to avoid deficit spending.

Unfortunately, when the need arises to increase budgetary allocations it often requires concurrent increase in taxes. I think it’s the equivalence of advancing to the rear. Did you get that pal?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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