Deadly flu spreading


The medical community works the clock to find medication to eradicate the fatal pandemic coronavirus exploding across the country. It’s a new viral infection that has killed more people than the 9/11 plane crashes.

Most folks who listened to information on the lethal virus are troubled by it all. There’s bifurcation of information about what the beast is all about. Confusing. Why promote confusion on an issue that kills? There’s failure conveying the right information.

Pelosi’s agenda is contrary to helping American families’ need to put food on the dinner table! This misguided view must be stopped! It’s people’s lives, Ms. Pelosi! It’s food, first family home, automobile, and health care, among others.

We try to stay calm hoping the virus fades into history or a vaccine is in the works in medical labs to extinct it altogether. For now, there’s no medication.

Individually, we’re troubled by the threat of the virus on family health. We’re hit with a myriad of questions while listening to medical explanations for some sense of security. There’s only suspect hope while the explanation meanders inconclusive at best, useless at worst.

For now, it’s all a matter of taking care of basics and it begins with you: stay clean and avoid socializing until this pandemic subsides. You’re the captain of your canoe. Navigate it to safe port. Stay home and avoid socializing!

Death in NY is such that it now uses refrigerated trucks as morgues. It’s a highly infectious virus that kills over 500 people daily.

The deadly pandemic has stretched the ability of most health care systems overwhelmed by sick people amidst limited space and budget. It’s happening worldwide. Leaves the sick at the mercy of what the system provides.

It’s a hard virus where water fills the bronchioles in the lungs, denying air passage that leads to death. Imagine the life and death struggle to breath when your lungs are compromised and dysfunctional.

It has shut down thousands upon thousands of small businesses and left some 3.3 million people jobless across the country. We’ve seen calamities in our lifetime, coming out of it beaten but resilient every inch of the way. We shall rebound once more.

Medication known as hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin are found to offer promise of healing the viral infection. However, some doctors refuse its use in that it lowers white blood cells needed for healing.

Unfortunately, there’s no medication to contain or eradicate the infection today. The only practical answer is to “stay home” to allow the virus to die naturally, per a medical report. We’re emotionally challenged but stay put for we will beat the invisible enemy hopefully soon.

President Trump has marshalled everything he has to contain the spread of the lethal virus. He’s demonstrated what leadership entails working the clock to protect all Americans!

Efforts included deploying two military ships (basically complete hospitals with a thousand beds each) to help besieged health facilities in NY and LA. It’s one historic mobilization of medical supplies and health experts to help where needed most.

The viral infection has upended daily life, surging in ways that prompts collective efforts to help those infected. Guam has 55 cases as of this writing while we have six.

Reportedly, the elderly is the most vulnerable especially those with pre-existing conditions. Take care of their needs to avoid infection at all cost.

Notice how this microscopic virus has brought the entire global community to its knees? Stay clean and keep your distance from all. It’s one way to keep the beast from spreading.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has approved a $2.3 trillion appropriation to help the working-class deal with the hardship imposed by the economic decrease. At least an opportunity is availed for folks who’ve lost jobs and small businesses shuttered by the crisis. A second chance should grant them the opportunity to rebuild moving forward.

The unusual and fatal virus spreads so quickly. It required reassignment of doctors, medical staff and nurses to other state hospitals with staff shortage to stamp out the pandemic.

New York is known as the “city that never sleeps.” That has changed to the “city that never breaths” where folks wear face masks all day long. Yep! COVID-19 has basically changed a way of life. City streets once swarmed by large crowds have become ghost towns.

Today, NY and healthcare facilities in NJ are strained where they must deal with a large number of sick folks. In some hospitals, staff have to endure working sick just to be able to help patients. Grand dedication!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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