The world’s second most powerful superstorm “totaled” the island and literally left it in shreds about three weeks ago. We also felt a sense of loss upon finding destruction of a large number of family homes islandwide.

Well, the unusual stormy destruction has happened including non-storm events that merit quick ocular review.

The general elections turned into an easy slide into victory for Republicans. Independents and Democrats are pondering the apparent runaway situation. The loss is colossal!

The Torres-Palacios tandem won the most coveted seat with a clear public mandate. Now, it would be interesting to find out what plans they have for the next four years beyond the sounds of silence.

The election also brought an end to careers after some fruitful journey in the public domain. It’s another closed chapter in our developmental history.


Thanks: We should give thanks to the quick combined efforts of the administration, FEMA, and the military helping villagers begin the long journey to recovery.

Everybody was hit severely so there’s no room to pass any blame around. Rebuilding has begun and it is the only order of business for at least a year’s time. Let’s stick to rebuilding our community!

The CUC crew was the first group that headed out immediately after the storm to clear roads so we could move about our business.

I say “thank you,” knowing that you left home early to assist others as to place your own home needs second or for after-hours attention.

The DPS crew deserves likewise and thanks for ensuring safety in our community, especially when more than half the island is pitch dark after sunset.

Others who passed water and food to villagers definitely merit our si yuus maase`! It shows that there’s that sense of compassion and unity under total trying conditions where hardship is everybody’s word.


Ooops: There is talk that the election was tampered with and paid for by da kine for wealthy sugar daddies. Well, we need some concrete evidence beyond casual accusations. If it matters, then litigate the issue in a competent court of law so it’s settled with finality!


Heard IPI has reduced a good number of its employees last weekend. It’s a tough cookie, given the ravaging effects of a superstorm on the local economy. It meant realignment of businesses as they begin the rebuilding process. I’m sure other businesses have done the same to stay above water.


For ordinary citizens, the effects of the superstorm are what they see with their naked eyes of sheer physical destruction.

Beyond this level, destruction also adversely affected private industries. It means far less revenues for these isles for a period of time until full recovery is made. Give it at least a year’s time.


Immediately after the superstorm, I heard chainsaws groaning all over the neighborhood. This was replaced at dusk by small generators. It’s part of the typhoon mess! Call it reconstruction!

Eventually, city power would be restored as we begin returning to normal life, hopefully soon. It’s one tough cookie, rebuilding, but resiliency should get us there in no time.


Romeo: I didn’t know one could use taxpayers’ money for a honeymoon with a mistress that stretches to several shores. Rota’s Mayor Efraim Atalig allegedly did this and must now sing his rendition of Hagu `Olo to a judge federal in court.

He should have verified whether the Legislature appropriated a Romeo and Juliet fund for quick kisses, hugs and the entire nine yards in exotic places. The gall to abuse public funds to pay for romantic rendezvous here, there, and everywhere, is simply juvenile! Well, let’s see how this alleged promiscuity plays out in court.


Dark X-Mas: The use of Christmas lights to spruce up the season may be a bit far-fetched when half the island is without regular power. But the spirit of the season is in our hearts and would welcome the veneration of the Baby Jesus on Christmas Day.

Admirable the resiliency of folks forced to pick up where destruction left after a helluva storm. Thanks to all who came out to help villagers with water and food. It shows there’s unity in our community. Be that as it may, it’s quite an unusual 2018!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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