Dosage of distance and detachment


There are two words often talked about over coffee relating to behavior of politicians after an election: distance and detachment. Let’s see if we could jointly define what they are so it is understood before the midterm election this November.

The first word is when politicians avoid one-on-one meetings with people they represent. The latter is the show of arrogance by avoiding listening to the concerns of their people. It’s an interesting behavior they find hard explaining to voters handicapped by the truth of it all.

It isn’t an unusual mode of behavior when they hook up with filthy rich donors who instantly turn them into servile or slave-like lapdogs. It is known as the “elite culture” fostered and nurtured to ensure things run smoothly in a relationship that treats real time constituency as bastardized kids. Interesting!

In spite of the obvious abandonment, we wake up to the morning sun, head to work to earn our dues to meet family needs. Didn’t legislators recently increase their salaries to $90,500 per year? Is this an issue they prefer hiding from voters? Is this a reason to ignore and treat us like we don’t even exist? This gross insensitivity would easily turn into negative votes this November. It’s pay back time, people.

Bewildering how failed promises are again knocking on our front doors. The peddlers are the same bunch that failed us for more than two decades. And they come with Judas-like phony smiles.

If some of these guys are chewing Dr. Webster how come they don’t even understand the word “failure?” Magoo said he isn’t offended by the rejuvenated courage to peddle failure. Or is it election year pitch gift wrapped in ignorance and stupidity?

I tried making sense of it only to see a trail of disconnect in their blind empty faces and suspect courage. I’d employ sanctimonious diplomacy to listen to their discordant voices. Should be fun ribbing their sensitivities!

The village folks look despondent—low spirit from loss of hope—echoing, “where I will go, the wind only knows…” At least we share the vast color of the ocean—blue—in soulful island blues. Eh, even the Lulu` Boys are into their own version of island blues too; victims of their own distance and detachment!

Story: Seven blind men

There were seven blind men who had never seen anything because each is completely blind. Their other senses though are working well, e.g., smell, hearing, taste, and speech.

Each has a different dreamy understanding how an elephant looks. And each story is very different from the other. Yet, it is a description of an elephant they’ve never seen.

One day the guardian brought the seven men to the zoo and had each touch a real live elephant in the cage. Back home, each described what the beast looks like. Again, each description is completely different from the other. Nobody came close to describing what the animal looks like.

The zoo trip reminds me of 31 men and women from imperial Capital Hill who took an excursion to the zoo at the foot of the hill. Though they have their sense of sight each came out describing the lion differently and far removed from what the beast is about. Eh, even with their sights they still describe the lion like it’s an alien from planet Mars. Why the discrepancy?

It’s about mature perception of issues they’ve faced over the last year and-a-half that turned into habitual neglect. Everybody’s talking, yelling, laughing, braving serious answers about the economy they’ve avoided as though a filthy leper.

You eyeball the intellectual acuity and it’s obvious there’s nothing up that alley. No wonder they can’t figure out what they saw at the zoo. Perhaps we could we start them out on a Dog and Pony Show that it’s a giant four-legged mammal! See if they could figure out the rest.

Corporate social responsibility

It is rumored that BSI has assigned its so-called “corporate social responsibility” troops to get on the Internet, specifically, social media, (on days off) to defend the interest of the firm this midterm election.

I’m not sure what’s there to be concerned about. If the assignment is undertaken on a constructive basis it should be clear in the eyes of the reading public. If however it is used to disparage candidates with differing views then it’s an anti-free speech so designed to intimidate people.

There should be caution though in the use of social media. There’s what’s known as the “Cloud” in the region that records everything that is posted for public consumption. It is linked to your name and easily dredged to review your ideological or philosophical views principle-based they may be. In brief, it could haunt you later.

Like they say, there’s more than one-way to skin a cat. Use caution and don’t fall into the trap of splurging wildly behind an alias. Step forward and be counted using a real name. I respect those who choose credibility and respect over hiding behind their own shadows.

Speakie Chamolu Lai!

It’s a struggle following the discussion between legislators and witnesses on most every issue under discussion showed on Channel 23 on television.

The questions asked lacked purpose, organization, and substance. It is further confused with the lack of grammatical integrity, syntactical structure and diction. I mean, if your goal is communication why would you even confuse yourself with big words, usage being comical at best, incoherent at worse. Embarrassing!

You wonder if the guys are learning Special Oral English or something or other. So you could imagine their groping for words in an attempt to articulate their views landing squarely in failure land. Communication is a two way street. The people around you or at home aren’t professors, doctors or technical specialists but ordinary people. Try da kine Chamorro braddah! Even we bite our tongue speaking our very own! Hombre, na setbi i fafayi-mu!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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