Epitaph Laughs, A Saved Face Falls in Half


“J’ai vecu dans ces temps et pourtant j’etais libre (I lived in those times, yet I was free).”
—Robert Desnos, French Surrealist poet (1900 – 1945)
I tweeted in those times, my first two years
I was almost alone, by myself, not fallen yet
oblivious, arrogant I ignored human decency
and sent my daily drivel out on the internet.
I ruled in those days , in the land of the free
I watched the stock market and all the polls
revolving around me,  always watching TV
my government shutdown ignored innocent souls.
You who read this what do you ‘really’ think?
embarrassed by the way I made America ‘great’?
are you still involved in the democratic process?
rent paid? mortgage? do you think politics stinks?
 You still living, think nothing of me, I’m long gone
America continues to grow in a progressive dawn.

Kingfish 45 Sought Caught Bought – Alive

“Yes, idiots, paralytics, parasites go bobbing in the ebbing
sewage, nights out in the suburbs, where there are no lights.”
—Elizabeth Bishop, (1911 – 1979)

Caught in the glare of US national cable TV focus
campaign targeted from Russia on multiple fronts
Congress investigation results surprise and stroke us
Trump may have been a paid and willing Russian dunce
“This Russia ‘er’ thing” seems to keep focusing
on thieves, thugs and mugs from both sided indicted
international banking connections are being sought
who sold out to whom and who is gonna get caught?
A net thrown in troubled waters with rubles for bait
then double Russian eagles and an American bald
dove on a hapless hyperbolic thoughtless kingfish
a prime time presidential entree on the dinner plate
a fried fish on the surface rotting from the head
to the country’s shame he plays the conspiracy game.

Where in Cyberspace Lies 8,000-Plus Lies

“…haunt me with hope and tempt me to pursue;
the gods, methinks, dwell just beyond the blue”
—from Sonnet XVI by George Santayana (1863-1952)

Eight thousand fact checked lies now forever reside
and haunt US citizens from east coast to west coast
tweets in cyber cloudy cyberspace they can not hide
expose off the cuff hyperbole, brag, bluff, and boast.
With national exposure his bluster on the TV screen
his big and small lies are very easily seen through
like Pinocchio whose nose grew and grew and grew
his ignorant and irrational logic is rude and mean.
It’s a ‘sad’ state as he denigrates the FBI and DOJ
fires one cabinet member after another, no peace
no one wants open positions, he plays musical chairs
staffers fear speaking, dissent must desist and cease
Indeed a tragic state for America and foreign affairs
as 45 shut down the country and tensions increased.

Did America Choose the Lesser Evil

“O world, thou choosest not the better part!”
—George Santayana, 1863 – 1952

My country you thought you chose the lesser evil
but through the Electoral College you got the worse
the real true ‘lesser evil’ won by three million people
you got the guy with a ruble filled Russian purse
Now America stumbles in the eyes of the world
14,600 Hispanic children in custody on the border
45’s cabinet breaks up the WH in chaos and disorder
Congress must lead us out of Trumpty Dumpty’s mess
Bipartisanship in legislation must exist in their sessions
common sense and compromise on both sides of the aisle
as they legislate one bill at a time at a snail’s pace
past, over and around 45’s tantrums, fear, and dread
 Help our Trump bruised democracy heal and save face
the rich privileged spoiled 45th POTUS we must replace.

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