Four Fields for the Fourth of July 2017

(ABCD: America, Bosons, Children of immigrants, Dog at a baseball field)

American Fields of Change
chili peppers and cornfields grow outside the kitchen window
Civil War to WWII battlefields are designated National Parks
gravestones of brave military men and women lined up in a row
forests and fields of wildflowers burned by campfire sparks
serious college students enter fields of political science and law
food crops, oceans, medicine, stars and other fields of science
research global warming, rising waters and the way glaciers thaw
illogical lawmakers propose cuts in science programs in defiance
new health care plans seem to be beneficial for the very wealthy
many proposed new laws hurt patients and the medical care field
how can struggling families keep all their loved ones healthy
what good for democracy will these proposed changes yield
freedom of speech ranges from everyday normal to strange
coming next time certainly inevitable fields of voter change

Boson Fields – Higgs Boson Fifth Anniversary
On July 4, 2012 in Melbourne Australia on the opening day of
the International Conference on High Energy Physics, some
four years after the start up of the ( LHC ) the Large Haldron
Collider, which is seventeen miles of high tech tunnels more
than three hundred feet underground,  the announcement was
made that a probable Higgs type boson had been identified.
Subsequent tests and experiments conclude it was a Higgs boson
type particle. These particles, which are among the smallest parts
of nature, make up a field of particles which give mass to photons
and other elemental particles. Without them the universe would
fall apart. Peter Higgs wrote about what is called the Higgs boson
in a paper in 1964. 6,000 scientists have been looking since then.
96% of the universe is made up of dark energy and dark matter
the Higgs boson field may help us identify and understand the latter
Children Of Immigrants – Fields of Choice

deep cuts can be found in Trump’s 2018 budget in fields of Science
in EPA research he proposes to cut from the program $246 million
45 seems against research, which he never reads, in ignorant defiance
and at (NIH) National Institutes of Health he wants to cut 5.8 billion
he wants to ban some countries’ predominate religious groups entry
several state courts have refused to implement this ban on immigrants
he also proposes a multi-billion dollar Mexican wall as a border sentry
closing off borders not giving these various immigrant groups a chance
87% of the 2016 Intel Science Talent search for US high school scholars
were children of immigrants, some parents escaping from despotic rulers
only seven of the forty finalists parents were born in the United States
lets hope discrimination doesn’t change these immigrant children’s fates
about passage of negative proposals and laws we have to wait and see
Science Talent info from the National Foundation for American Policy
A Hot Dog Speaks at a Baseball Field
they sold me right after I cooked because my smell
to them seemed piquant and delicious in the air
that aroma slowly wafting everywhere with its
warm succulent fragrance casting a spell all around
until no nose would have a nostril that had not had
its nasal passages stirred then the neural receptors
in its grey matter sent everyone a most mouthwatering
message from me pile those hot dogs and buns high
on the platter but this steamed and boiled world
is not my only visage indeed one might say this
Frankfurter sometimes is fried I should acknowledge
my Vienna sausage heritage  and love for my Polish
and Italian sausage with whom I’m allied perhaps once
with sweet relish I dreamed of onions and mustard


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