Grappling with economic depression

The foundation of the American dream is premised on the “free enterprise” system of freedom. It permits anyone to be “all that you can be.” Stagflation-where the cost of basic goods is too high, where underemployment and unemployment are high, exacerbated by a non-growing economy-has reduced the dream to “putting food on the table.”

Here at home, nearly everyone is suffering not from the effects of a normal recession, but triple digit economic depression-worse conditions than a recession-where hopelessness is the powerful sentiment billowing from every village where the simple folk live. You wonder what lies ahead as intransigence blossoms, cementing the new art of hysteresis to sink hardship deep into an unsolicited new way of life in agony and misery. What crowning achievement!

I could sense the perception of voters who know crystal clear the apocalyptic economic conditions at home. It is uppermost in their minds. They are the very the people the elected elite has royally misrepresented and failed.

This is understood with real clarity that each voter would carry with him/her to the voting booths this midterm election. There’s nothing that any incumbent could say to change this fully imbedded perception today. Most aren’t ready to repeat with failure. And they’d do anything to change their conditions. Real change! Diberas!


Progressive’s view of inequality

Rhetoric begins to heat up about investments across the country. It boils down to a debate between liberals with warped agenda versus conservatives. Liberals peddle its misguided view of “inequality” (European model being espoused by Obama for his redistributionist policy) as the replacement system versus the free enterprise concept founded on freedom.

The liberal viewpoint is basically communism in all its essence, but liberals have found a way around it to avoid eliciting a bad reaction from most Americans. Do you really wish to turn a freedom loving country into a dictatorship? Why must we listen to statists?

Their persistent agenda on wealth redistribution isn’t for purposes of cutting down state or federal government deficits. It’s to steal from the wealthy via additional taxes to ensure that more Americans rely on entitlement programs.

Notice how their agenda has encouraged several state governments to raise more taxes to pay for their profligacy or spend-and-spend behavior? This paradigm has failed and has fallen flat on its face. Otherwise, state governments won’t be seeking for bailouts from the feds only to return home empty-handed. They were soundly told to go home and make necessary cuts. And cuts are the only realistic choice.

Europe’s socialism has failed. And we need not look beyond Greece to see why detrimental reliance on government isn’t going to quell mounting fiscal chaos either. “Europe’s debt troubles are widespread, making almost every country vulnerable to the contagion now spreading across the continent.” It’s headed into irreversible dual fiscal trauma, according to a highly reliable recent study.

But President Obama looked tired, his usual eloquence garbled with excruciating painful delivery addressing the recent G-20 summit. Perhaps his physical exhaustion has blurred his vision to see clearly why his quiet agenda to rein in European socialism is headed into self-destruction. It’s already torching the largest economy in the world-Europe!

The misguided definition of socialistic inequality has resulted in more than half the country receiving some form of entitlement assistance. Is this the vision of socialistic liberal progressives? How do you untangle over 200 years of prosperity under the free enterprise system? Is it right to deny successful people their dues because they’ve worked hard and earned it? Isn’t their wealth largely responsible for jobs creation?

You can rationalize all you wish to justify European-style socialism and warped view of inequality. But I will never allow anyone to claim a penny I’ve duly earned through sheer hard work. Why should others take paid luxury vacations on my dime? If you still disagree, it’s time to move to Iceland. It’s a perfect place for Obama and though he may be in his best element while living in that country, I doubt he’d last three months as his freedom is clipped by his blurred vision of socialism. Let freedom ring…from sea to shining sea!


Stealth intro to dictatorship

There’s the often overlooked or clandestine provision inherent under Article 12. This provision promotes the concept of “collective” ownership of privately owned land.

A close scrutiny shows that it will replace the current land tenure system of over 400 years of “individual” to “collective” ownership. You may disagree, but take a closer look at what it holds against private landowners.

For instance, who is to stop a future governor and legislators from confiscating privately owned land permitted under Article 12 so it is kept in a land banking system for future use? This could easily fan the fire in the establishment of a totalitarian government-basically a dictatorship-where total power over private land is in the hands and disposition of the governor and his cronies. By then, our livelihood would be under the complete control of a dictatorship.

You see, the essence of the local view of this provision (Article 12 proponents) isn’t what you promote it to be. It is superficially veiled under the term “protection.” But at the same time it denies you full ownership of your private land. Take a closer look to see its clandestine nature grounded in collectivist socialism.

The change in blood quantum requirement still leaves the most fundamentally flawed aspect of Article 12-denial of full landownership! Why the perpetual lie of veiled protection to landownership? When do we part with the immature, self-inflated sense of ourselves, specifically our frail and spineless superiority? And with all our bigoted views, we still see fit to use the tax contributions of those we’ve denied equal protection for 32 years now?



After the kickoff campaign of the Red Brigade last Sunday, cleaners found several boxes of BB water guns ready for shipment to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to aid in the Fast and Furious contempt hearing. In one of the boxes, there was a note inscribed, “Go ahead and sell them to Mexican drug gangs so you could replenish Obama’s fast-depleting campaign funds.” A`Saina!

By John S. DelRosario Jr.
Contributing Author

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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