Health premium’s a killer!


The cost of long-term and catastrophic illnesses or even regular ambulatory medical services here is beyond the reach of most families. This is bad when the failed Obamacare policy has displaced more people who are supposed to be beneficiaries.

The issue is no rocket science stuff either. If you are underemployed (it involves some 52 percent of the workforce here) you subtract 40 percent from your income for health insurance, $500 to $1,000 for deductible (varies on whether your policy is high or low) plus another 40-percent increase on medication.

The arithmetic is simple: For every dollar you subtract $.65, the balance of which is what your income pans out to after deductions. If you are a retiree, you subtract 80 cents and the balance of 20 cents is your take home income. If you simply opt out of your health insurance policy, you must pay 100 percent (if you don’t qualify for Medicaid). Those caught in between must fork out every penny to pay for healthcare.

Appalling that none of our esteemed leadership between here and Washington ever did anything to figure out the cost of the beast against what’s left of family pocketbooks. Perhaps it’s just another day at the office.

But then you quiz why the obvious arrogance in seemingly rehearsed ignorance. Eh, each is making between $60,000 and $90,500 per year. Arrogance plus insulation translates into apathy. They could no longer feel the hardship among the very people they represent. Biba!

Leadership is deaf and mute!

Esteemed and illustrious non-voting Delegate Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan never said anything against implementing Obamacare in the CNMI. He, the governor, and legislators sat comfortably, content it’s okay. Really?

Appalling that the 40-percent increase in health insurance has derailed and displaced families here and you sit in grand ignorance as though things are honky dory? Is it hard seeing that it robs families some 40-plus percent of what’s left in their pocketbooks, discounting the wrath of high power bills?

Does it matter to you the unsolicited hardship families have to endure because you were sound asleep on the switchboard? Furthermore, are you aware that the salaries and wages in the CNMI have remained the same for 20 years as the cost of living spikes like 4th of July firecrackers?

If Obama has exempted over 100 crony businesses across the country, why can’t Kilili ask that the CNMI be exempted from a very destructive federal law that fails in its intent, in addition to recklessly ruining what’s left of family pocketbooks? Is it because Kilili and his staff are also exempted from it, paid for by US taxpayers?

With family buying power reduced between 65 percent and 80 percent, did you do anything proactively to return this persistent loss via some realistic program? Or is it your wish that we join you in singing, “Que sera, sera?” No mas!

Navigating destruction

There’s that strange sensation in the marrow of my bones that a political earthquake is headed our way. If it does then let the chips fall where they may. It’s a long time coming anyway.

We’ve seen voters rebuking the statist tendencies of a former governor. Stunning, though, the number of people who came out and rendered a decision in political maturity. Let’s continue this meaningful trend and journey up ahead.

Let’s take back what’s ours to show the elected elite upstairs that there’s still “we the people” that each of them must respect. Our role is most vital in a democratic republic. Ours remains a government of laws and we definitely yearn for good governance through the grassroots.

Voters are more discriminating and critical these days. We know that quality of life begins with quality leadership. Anything in between must be relegated to the ash heap of history. Difficult as it may be, we’ve learned to navigate our canoe with a firm idea of our destination. Where we are today is far from our aspiration. Enough is enough!

The essence of leadership

When the biblical Moses led the Jews out of Egypt it was to free them from slavery. He fulfilled his assignment as a leader given by God the Father. He parted the waters to ensure every single one of them makes it to the other side, free from the wrath of merciless Egyptians.

In like fashion, there’s high expectation that the leaders who hail from upstairs would embrace their role to ensure the people they represent are free from economic slavery! Nearly every elected elite has failed to heed his/her assignment. No one saw fit to part the waters of economic misery. This would have given our people the opportunity to enter the promised land of economic prosperity.

If you’ve failed to free our people from economic slavery, is our slaughter your next trophy relegating our livelihood deeper into misery land? Dios mihu! Dalai `ste!

Policy disorder

Buddy Magoo is doing research to pin down why the policy disorder in the CNMI since recent past. Said he: “Strange, the economy is in complete shambles yet these guys approve laws disallowing panty hanging in Garapan and another on cockfighting. Not only is it embarrassingly shallow, it’s also hollow and speaks volumes of the caliber of people upstairs.”

Retorted Buddy Muron: “Eh, when half the time the guys can’t fathom issues of substance then do you really expect they’d do anything of significance to make a dent in the empty pocketbooks of families here? Each is raking in $90,500 per year and have learned to hide from the simple village folks.” The assertions are correct. The only problem is whether the electorate has learned that it’s time to boot the bums out of office! Most are ready to shift gear!

Hello! Is Buddy home?

People in the Wireless area on Capital Hill are suffering from a bad road and lack of water. Are Reps. George Camacho and Crispin Deleon Guerrero anywhere near Capital Hill?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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