Health: You’re the captain!


Binge eating—eating far more than normal in one sitting—is a huge problem on the islands. We eat and eat and eat, drink and drink and drink until everything is finished. We stuff ourselves so much until we can’t even move anywhere.

Years of binge eating open up the path to obesity and all the problems that comes with the territory. It moves in stages: high blood pressure, pancreatic dysfunction, Type II diabetes, chronic diabetes, kidney failure, amputation, dialysis and “better known as.” Stunning how people stuff themselves as though it’s their last day on earth. And they do it with each trip to the table.

The pancreas sends natural sugar (insulin) into our tummy. This helps in the digestion of food until it passes on to the small intestine. But when your tummy is overloaded with food, it leaves no room for the incoming insulin. It also confuses the pancreas when to release insulin. In the process, too much of it eventually stays in your bloodstream, thus the pile of sugar that raises blood sugar level. It’s very unhealthy!

I also love to eat but do so in “moderation.” In other words, when my tummy is 60 percent filled I’d stop right then and there. As a diabetic, I’m giving vital parts in my system some recovery in their functions. With discipline of over 20 years, I never had to worry about my blood sugar level. I’ve also read extensively about food, exercise, medication, etc.

Friends, a doctor, and nurse would do anything within their power to help you recover from any and all illnesses. I thank them for their sense of compassion and conviction to see through our recovery. But none of them is equipped with divine powers and could only do so much. In brief, you are the captain of your ship of health. Be active and proactive, maintaining healthy habits and spread good tidings among family members at home.

Fishing around sea rocks
It was a pleasant Sunday morning along the beach on the windward side of the island. Out near the reef are rocks that had been there for generations. A fisherman with fishnet was there “fishing.”

The only creature underneath the rocks is a teeny useless fish known locally as “do`du”. It moves instantly between rocks as soon as it sees any threatening motion outside. No wonder the fisherman was cussing with tons of expletives.

It looks almost stupid circling the rocks, trying to corner a creature that disappears instantly. You end up heading back to shore without any fish. It brings common sense into focus. In other words, why pass other schools of fish along the way over useless Houdini?

But then it seems the rock-circling form of fishing reflects the way the NMI addresses and attempts problem solving in roundabout fashion. It also grants us the chance to boast parking common sense in our back pockets. OMG!

Engaging vision
Issues have been flagged needing due diligence if only to lessen the unforeseen consequences as they hit the ground here.

The obvious lack of educated perception or mature attribution drains any last ounce of hope in mind. But I kept returning hoping someone would catch and run with it. It’s a way of keeping tabs on every curtain that is lowered on stage.

Missing the bus ride, you wonder if the guys and gals even understand the concept of time. Is the setback one of pure ignorance or the finely massaged sense of mañana that has paralyzed the nimble minds of people supposedly equipped with infinitesimal wisdom?

Said Magoo: “Nah! Da guys and gals have no conception what vision represents and their closest shot is black and white television!” Oh? I must have been preaching to the choir.

Mundane matters
How do we discourage politicians from misspending our hard-earned tax contributions? Easy! Move the election from November to April, the latter when we pay our taxes together with the apathetic bunch. We could watch them cringe exiting Revenue and Taxation in Dandan.


What about politicians who have no sense of morality or propriety (no scruple) in their actions? Take them on a tour of the DOC in Susupe. Better yet, leave them in cells for at least a whole day. It’s a good introduction to reading the writing on the wall, including, “If you screw up your room is waiting right here!”


Empowering employees is a wonderful thing to do. You give them additional income to deal with the constantly increasing costs of basic commodities.

The unintended consequence though is found among small businesses that are hardly making ends meet. It instantly means cutting down cost on every corner. More often than not, it means cutting jobs for employees in order to survive increases in wages and salaries for their employees.

Thus, the increase is good for those who are retained. It’s hell for those who are dismissed in the process. Moreover, the increase benefits public sector employees that are met instantly by an increase in utilities.

No increase for private sector employees that must still deal with the new spike in monthly utility bills, right?


A grandson asked why does he has to learn writing in his native tongue? “I already know how to speak it,” he related. But the use of the language is permanently embedded in our children when they can write it in their native tongue! It turns into a tool they could teach their own children too.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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