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No one in their right mind actually thinks, “I’ve really let myself go. Time to start taking those pills so I can get back in shape.” Of course not. The first thing you tell yourself is you have to start exercising. Yet, here we are doubling down on products we know to be insignificant in terms of the overall value they bring to the table.

I remember when I thought Santa Claus and his elves were real, but I digress. As you might imagine or have already experienced, it’s hard to assume a level of discipline because we become entrenched in our habits, particularly on the nutrition front. It’s essentially a vulnerable headspace to be in. One minute you think you’re underway, heading in the right direction. The next thing you know, you’re thrown off balance thinking to yourself, “I’ll just start on Monday.”

Q: I’m confused. I read an article declaring that fruit impedes fat loss. A few hours later, I’m watching a YouTube video saying fruit helps your metabolism. There are loads of conflicting information. Are there some general tried-and-true guidelines I can follow?

A: I have no idea how this started, but it was previously thought that if you’re trying to lose weight, the consumption of fruit could potentially attenuate that. With a large body of evidence and reliable anecdote, that just isn’t the case. Moderate doses are perfectly fine.

You’ve likely been told numerous times nutrition is simple. Well, here I am beating the same drum. Nutrition is, indeed, absurdly simple. As boring as it is, a sensible diet with quality sleep are the big rocks you want to aim your attention at. Assuming you’re able to complement them with a sound training program, you’ll surely get the results you’re looking for. The caveat—it’s going to take longer than you want.

Q: I don’t eat that much, but I’m still not losing weight. What’s going on?

A: Part of me wants to give you the benefit of the doubt. Although, I’m willing to speculate you’re underestimating how much you’re actually eating. You’re definitely on the right track if you’re making an honest effort in taking control, though.

It goes without saying exercise that exercise is non-negotiable. Provided it’s not dumb, anything that warrants you to get off your butt will get the job done. However, it’s important to note only one thing matters when the principle goal is fat loss, and it’s hunger.

This is where a little self-auditing goes a long way. Very simply, if you’re not routinely getting hungry, that’s an indication you need to alter the composition of your meals. Don’t get me wrong, you can still eat the foods you like. You just can’t have as much of it as you’re accustomed to.

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Dre Delos Santos has spent the last six years working with people from all walks of life in Hawaii. He is now a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym and contributes to the TAGA Sports magazine. He is featured on fitness sites such as Weight Watchers, T-Nation, and STACK.

Dre Delos Santos writes about fitness and nutrition for Saipan Tribune and TAGA Sports. Readers may send him questions at; he cannot make personal replies.

Dre Delos Santos

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