Posted on Feb 08 2012

The following are written by students of the Writing Class of Mrs. Robinson at the Northern Marianas College. The views expressed are solely those of the students.

By Benjamin Ayuyu

Hunting my first deer was one of the most memorable days I spent growing up on Rota. It was a Saturday night during the deer hunting season when my cousin William and I met. We wanted to hunt to see if we could catch a deer. William and I decided to go to a place called Sabana. It is a deer breeding ground; it is the most well-known place to hunt for big bucks. When we got to Sabana, we decided to go our separate ways. My cousin went up north near the mountains and I went west. Alone, I was very nervous that night. I planned to just sit on the ground and call the deer with my bamboo caller device. However, I had second thoughts. I remembered that deer have strong instincts. So I decided to climb up a tree. After an hour of sitting and waiting in the tree, and making deer calls on the bamboo caller, I heard something move toward me. I turned on my flashlight and I saw two large, glowing eyes staring straight at me. I started to fire my gun at the deer, using about 10 shots. I was trembling with nervousness as I climbed down the tree. When I walked toward the bushes, I saw two huge horns on the ground. I was so happy. I shot my first deer, and I also received a wonderful trophy.

By Jovinette Sablan

A person who stops trying is the one who fails, not the one who continues to try. People seem to give up when they do not succeed the first time. Those who continue to accomplish what they set out to do are more likely to get it right. It is like trying to ride a bike for the first time. You may not stay long on the bike the first time you ride, but if you continue to pedal and strive to stay balanced, you will be riding that bike to the next village. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and never give up. However, stopping because you did not get it right the first few times, that is failure.

By Lydee Pangelinan

The best village on Saipan is San Vicente. It has almost everything a resident needs. There is a Neighborhood Security Watch, which offers safety and comfort to many households in the village. There is also a gas station, a hardware store, supermarkets, churches, a pharmacy, and one of the top elementary schools on the island: San Vicente Elementary School. With all these amenities in or near the village, residents do not have to drive around the island for their needs. Almost all of the stores are within walking distance, which helps residents live a healthier lifestyle. Lastly, the renovations of the main highway are almost complete, providing easier traffic flow in and out of the village.

By James Ingram

I enjoy playing basketball the most, but I also love to swim. When I go swimming at the beach, my favorite thing is watching the life underwater. It is an amazing sight to see. I never get tired of seeing the beautiful fishes swimming near the seaweed grass waving back and forth to the motion of the water. Also awesome is the aqua blue color of the ocean, shining and glimmering in the sunlight.
Another hobby I enjoy is running. I like the wind blowing in my face and the sun shining down on me. Of course, it is the adrenaline rush that pushes me to complete my run. I run for good health, because I want to stay healthy. So I run on never-ending journeys around the beautiful island of Saipan. It is a hobby of mine that makes me feel fine.

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