Issues: Ignorance vs negligence


Planning our future must be a difficult issue (conundrum) thus the “walking dead” on the hill scaring anyone endowed with reasonable mind. Sorry, we’re very scared, indeed! Or is the apparent arrogance founded on ignorance, negligence, apathy or lack of conscientious leadership or all of the above? 
Take your pick for it seems our politicians have mastered the art of finding scapegoats for every issue they wish to ignore in complete abandon. The negligence even allows itself to fill its own blanks in mediocrity.

Well, the elected elite is fuming mad upon learning that even scapegoats had to go home for vacations too. Are there more scapegoats in our bag of tricks or have we exhausted them all, including used ones?

We complain of the lack of job opportunities for locals because guest workers are occupying them today. While this half-cocked assertion may be music to ill-informed local ears, it points to the greater anomaly (we refuse to accept)—the lack of an organized plan to gradually allow their entry into job markets. In the process, we unjustifiably demonize people who have nothing to do with our lack of policy on this very issue.

We wanted investment but decided to engage in deceitful acts against a major investor who has started the Tinian Dynasty project. It’s going home shutting investment plans for the entire CNMI. This is the price of policy instability hailing from the hill. Isn’t black-and-white television completely out of date? Whatever happened to vision?

Constructive policies are best set by those with higher levels of academic and professional competence. I’m not sure that retired government employees with little competence would help the NMI move forward with confidence.

Their role instantly turns into redundancy or circling the wagon of disorientation when push comes to shove on real significant issues. No aspersion intended here but quality leadership begets quality policies and hope for better break of dawn.

Cost of healthcare

We’re used to taking things for granted, even convinced that our health problems is the responsibility of the medical staff at CHC or specialists in off-island medical centers.

The cost of operations of the only hospital here is huge and the annual budget of $40 million is way conservative for its actual cost. From ambulatory, tertiary and catastrophic level, medical services are all handled with the best of efforts though limited our resources may be.

Doctors, nurses, ancillary and administrative staff give it their best 24/7. The advisory board ensures policy measures are taken to improve services. Most of the entire CHC community looks forward to retiring by leaving behind a system that is better than when they first came into the fold.

Beyond the politics of MPLT funds, it’s vital that there’s peer review why the $2.5 million in interest earned is best funneled to investing in the health of our people.

Beyond the naked eye, our indigenous population is very sick and the last three weeks is a tale of this issue when every bed at CHC was taken. This trend doesn’t look like it’s going to subside either. It would take a turn for the worse, and when it does, we definitely can’t expect divine intervention on an issue that requires the sound disposition of everybody!

The journey is rather long and seemingly all uphill. Let’s slide into easing it before we’re caught with our pants down at the eleventh hour.

It’s all about health

Health is the most important aspect in the livelihood of any community. A healthy community can plan its future together. A sick community won’t lift a finger and not when floored by a debilitating illness. There’s hardly any room for clear thinking and fully thought-out disposition.

Yes, we expect illnesses among our people. But we need not convince ourselves that our answer to ailments is at CHC. The answer to a healthy you must begin with you! For instance, what’s the use of bringing in a world famous cardiologist (heart specialist) when the muscles of your heart have all been destroyed by poor health habit? Your next best doctor is upstairs. Start praying!

The trick to a healthy you is the term “moderation.” Whether you’re dealing with food, drinks, exercise or what have you, sticking to moderation gets you home free. When eating, fill your tummy only 60 percent full. This gives it the chance to digest food easily. A 100 percent fill sends you yawning as you settle down on the couch. A very poor pit stop, amigo! By the time you know it, your tummy meets the sun first, every time.

When you exercise, take stock of your age and begin slow brisk walking. At home, don’t ask a family member to hand anything to you at all. Get up and do it just to make sure you’re physically moving.


It’s alarming the number of young kids slipping cigarettes into betel nuts even with their parents around. In my gut it’s almost a certainty that some of them would contract mouth, esophageal or stomach cancer before reaching high school. Is the next epidemic oral cancer?

The mom, who was around, simply smiled and said, “He just wants a quick high.” And I was like, “How do I deal with ignorance and stupidity?” Hasn’t she learned anything about the use of cigarettes and the long-term effects of woefully unhealthy habits? Mind numbing!

John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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