KAG! Man Comes and Goes Before His Fall


Author’s Note: At a rally in mid-March 2018, President 45 announced his new campaign slogan, “KAG!” repeating the exclamation points with his finger)
Yes! “KAG!! Keep America Great!!” in 2020 with 2020 KGB Vision
DJT’s slogan for his 2020 campaign is “Keep America Great!!”
he signaled the emphasis on the two exclamation points with his finger
Americans can’t wait for his exit, that would really be just GREAT!!
 He needs to be wary of his friends in what used to be called the KGB
and all his oligarch business associates in the Russian Federation
who will take quick advantage of any weakness they happen to see
to denigrate, devalue, and deconstruct our US democratic situation.
 45 with his bigly bluster is his own worst enemy when it comes to that
with his continuous denigration of USA institutions the DOJ and the FBI
giving in to impetuous temper tantrums, junk food binging, getting fat
eating his own daily lying words and poking his finger in his own eye
 KAG, Keep All Golf courses owned by 45 up and running in the black
keep him out on them, few other than his base want him to come back.

DJT: Norm Breaker, Bone Spur Faker, Etc.
Disregard for established political protocols a norm breaker
DJT to avoid military service became a bone spur faker
a billionaire tax dodger and long time no tax return taker
oligarch business buddies a regular ruble money maker
junk food junkie diplomacy skills chocolate cake baker
Trumpty Dumpty futures market immigrant wall maker
admitted lying to Canadian Prime Minister deficit facts faker
runs hotels and golf courses a personal emolument intaker
hired swamp drainage employees a bigly hypocritical snaker
inept cabinet members causing fear quaking earth shaker
balding guy with swept yellow hair dye and hair spray raker
daily BS twaddling twit thoughtless tweeting shake and baker
greetum tweetum insulting TV personalities morning waker
evangelical darling Daniels in the Lions Den undertake her.

KAG!! Man Next To Be Fired? Legal Fingers Point
Keep America Great!! 2020 Donald J. Trump just can’t wait
still our great America way before him keeps on going
who is next to put millions of dollars on the campaign plate
while firings, resignations and departures keep on flowing
From top to bottom of 45’s beleaguered White House staff
resignations left and right it seems like almost day to day
America doesn’t know whether to cry out loud or laugh
in critical departments and embassies empty offices stay
 Who is still in line working hard for their impetuous boss
so many appointments are gone its hard to keep tracking
please let the next one be comic tragic Ed Sec’y DeVos
and cabinet members whose job preparedness is lacking
 Despite all this our already great America keeps on going
with 45 a lying bumbling blatherskite totally unknowing
45 aka David Dennison Pre Present Post Fall
45 flew back in shame to his golf courses and Trump Tower
forgetting all those he had fired, forced to resign and sent
home his WH staff and DC workers thrown under the bus
Special Counsel Mueller still working long and late hours
having treed the Tidal Basin’s No. 1 swamp possum issued
indictments, subpoenas, convictions, all that grand jury fuss
Stormy’s entanglement millions tell of Daniels in the lions den
she and David Dennison (45) will tell all the dirt to remind us
lets not forget millions of American citizens who have mused
been cyber abused and grown used to all 45’s babbling tweets
ask those on the streets if they give Trump a negative or a plus
mean streets, these tweets, those tweets, all tweets yet to come
resulting from Donald Drumpf tweeting with just one thumb
to absolutely no ones satisfaction they all come out just dumb

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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