Ludicrous ‘hearteries’


A Diagnosis of Intelligence Induration
Some relatively new fake news medical terms found
in a duplicitous diabolic deconstructing diagnosis of 45
incorporating bigly teleprompter tweetology unbound
yet despite their serious nature he continues to thrive
the first is I ‘3’ – interminable intelligence induration
where mumpsimus like qualities continue to persist
a vanity laden hardening of the ‘hearteries’ situation
where common sense and integrity refuse to coexist
hardening of the ‘hearteries’ manifests itself clearly
with the ludicrous wall, DOCA, and all the Dreamers
being closed out, kicked out, good people loved dearly
wall construction kickbacks in the plans of schemers
minor and major ailments of a moral and ethical nature
continue to plague 45 who needs to be put out to pasture.

The Cheeto Tweeto Presidency
(for Trump’s shake‘n’bake, chocolate shake, chocolate cake)
 Pause for thought, a remote relationship to a US Presidency
may exist on a temporary basis in the dumpy House of White
from electoral votes which is how Cheeto Tweeto got residency
his preference for his own golf courses just doesn’t seem right
passion for fast foods and twelve or more daily sodas sugar free
he’s reported to watch TV on large screens in almost every room
with the exception of Fox he seldom likes news reports he sees
he gets upset, calls the media fake, insults them, doom and gloom
all the Cheetos and salty sugary snack foods dye his fingers
his face and swept hair take a shade of color much the same
the smell from the fried chicken and fish sandwiches still lingers
no health food for Cheeto Tweeto, a national disgrace and shame
as those poor neglected world class White House chefs and cooks
search for franchise food recipes and substitute menu cookbooks.

Trump Base Choice: Deconstruction = Rejoice
The 35% base has a solid commitment to their elected choice
who suffers from ignorance impairment and abusive tweets
his every lie in cyberspace and missteps cause them to rejoice
while thousands of US and world citizens protest in the streets
despite losing by three million votes in the 2016 popular vote
Trump supporters found HRC lost and that’s all she wrote
now democratic values are becoming untethered and float
our nation awash in an ocean of misguided deconstruction
little more than a nitwit the electoral boss tweets daily twit
careless insults right off the top of his yellow fried dyed head
and seems seldom the least concerned about the results of it
in the Jerusalem capitol location decision people already dead
his base wavering around 35% solidly supports president DJT
while Wretch 45 spreads the stench of his polluted democracy

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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