Maratita’s conjectural mouth-off


The lawsuit filed by Saipan Development, LLC in federal court is far from over. The reputation of a highly revered businessman has been maligned by politicians and reckless reporters, the latter becoming part of the story by failing to give fairness and due process rights an opportunity.

Rep. Janet Maratita jumped into the fray chiming the infamous Nancy Pelosi statement, “Let’s approve it now and find out what’s in it later”—Obamacare. The continuing increase in power rates has the equivalence of Nobamacare, Ms. Maratita, with the recent approval of fee hikes by PUC. Is this your golden trophy for us—more hardship—as we head into the election this November?

I resent your off-the-hip statement to declare by resolution persona non grata a perfectly legitimate businessman whose intention you’ve failed to review so you secure clarity what it means for “we the people” you represent. It offers a 10 percent cut in power rates for the people whose interest you’ve failed in your obvious maligned representation and the likelihood of further reduction, as technology on new alternative energy is refined.

The businessman has returned to salvage his reputation graced by over 100 years in the family business you and cabal have easily mouthed off as corrupt. You had nothing but libelous conjectural knowledge from the outset. He deserves his day in federal court to retrieve his outstanding reputation ruined by homophobic politicians mired in depravity. The plaintiff deserves his due process rights. This should provide the leeway to find out via deposition what political airheads have found in the contract that is factually corrupt.

You see, knowledge of the facts differs from knowledge of real and reasoned facts fully verified each inch of the way. The court proceedings should teach some sense of responsibility on free expression, that it comes with responsibility.

Meanwhile, prepare traditional bonfire and bring your colleagues together and sing us realistic answers to the following equally egregious cost that has destroyed the family purse:

PUC’s recent adoption to increase power rates?—your answer?

Restoration of the 25 percent cut in pension pay?—your answer?

Egregious 40 percent increase in health premiums?—your answer?

Increase of our share in health deductibles?—your answer?

The 40 percent increase in medication under Obamacare?—your answer?

The impending increase in basic food items?—your answer?

Your victory is at best precipitous in that while your pomposity may have detracted power ratepayers temporarily, the rate remains the same. In fact it would continue increasing, true? It only soothes your ego but the net effect is still lingering long and vicious in the pocketbooks of “we the people.”

When would you and cabal use your nimble minds to understand that privatization of CUC is the only alternative to cutting down the cost of power? Your acquiescence of CUC’s activities going after exploratory work on geothermal, solar, use of snake oil and nuclear sounds busy, though highly unworkable in view of multi-technical issues hooking any of them to the grid. As it keeps busy it keeps passing any and all additional expenses right along to “we the people.”

Troubling the disorienting times and a dearth for visionary leadership when it is most needed. Complicity to incompetence results in forcing “we the people” to carry more than their share of hardship. You’ve successfully turned the noose of self-inflicted sealing of your own political doom. Your decision is ludicrous and should have been premised not on conditional but absolute necessity to free your people of any further unsolicited hardship.

Shadows on the sand

If I were an incumbent politician with plans to seek re-election this year, I’d realistically take serious stock of my shadows. I’m talking about where it has been, where it’s headed, is it behind or before me at dawn and dusk, with or without my shadows on the sand of public scrutiny on sunny and cloudy days.

Most importantly, I’d honestly answer the single most important question: What have I done to improve the livelihood or lot of my people? Most voters want solid answers, not excuses, on this query, including the following:

What have you done to provide jobs for the thousand-plus jobless folks here?

What have you done realistically to restore the reduction of 25 percent in pension pay?

What have you done to reduce the high power bills of people in the villages?

Would any of your revenue generation measures fix persistent budgetary shortfall?

Have you found anchor investments to hang your hat on? If so, what is it and can you explain if it’s near-reality or just another pipe dream or nothing at all?

What have you done to improve and ease the economic devastation that keeps spiraling downwards as you ponder your future and leave your people in the cul-de-sac of crippling miseries?

Why have you violated public sentiment on casino? Don’t you understand the significance of a plebiscite? How do you navigate ignoring public sentiment with a resounding “NO” twice?

Indeed, these are difficult questions and there’s no escaping them. “We the people” want realistic answers. Let’s hear how you’ve scored with “reality check.” Funny how reality always wins!

Lunacy of 99-year lease

When politicians push issues without the requisite expertise you know it would be rather shortsighted. What’s the rationale behind the 99-year lease? Anchor investments?

Is there anything wrong with the current arrangement? In fact, shouldn’t terms of the lease be limited to 25 years with bump appraisals every five years that includes cost of living allowance accruing to the landowner or lessor?

It permits future generations the opportunity to benefit from any long-term lease of the family property. The 99-year lease limits benefit solely the first generation. The interest of succeeding generations must not be overlooked out of failure. Am I making sense? 

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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