Misreading navigational tools


It’s troubling when economic dystopia—where nothing works—freezes or is fossilized on the side of imperial Capital Hill to deteriorate further. Do the guys and gals understand that negligence in perpetuity drives abject poverty deeper? Any idea where these guys have gone?

I’ve gone soul-searching to understand where perception may have gone astray as to metastasize into a mountain of negligence and grand acquiescence. Is contentment in the sea of discontent the new fad in town?

Has the Sisyphus complex infected people upstairs? This complex is a lifetime punishment for Sisyphus, a god of sort thousands of years ago. It entails his rolling a huge boulder (rock) up the hill. Then watch it roll down. He returns and repeats it all day long.

The rock-rolling metaphor may seem quizzically strange. But it’s pandemic among politicians who obviously are lost or oblivious to the deepening economic conditions at home. It seems there’s contentment employing the Sisyphus complex wrapped in grand mañana.

I probed their individual mid-level careers to see if it ever involved substantive policy formulation. There’s nothing up that alley. You dig further to get clarity why there’s more misses than hits on policy matters. There stood the glaring answer in the lack of depth of perception what policymaking entails. It isn’t even measurable beyond a sad fat zero!

Critical thinking
This explains the reliance on the linear thought process that derails critical thinking instantly. The guys are content with the “at face value” information fed to them. It’s almost willful amnesia or a fiesta of sleepwalking acquiescence doubled-down by negligence.

With this emerges a vacuum where villagers ponder how to navigate a myriad of hardships hailing from negligence of the grandly apathetic elected elite. If none has done anything successful to help the multitude, would a collective effort succeed or is it more of the same?

In simple terms what can you do individually to improve the local economy, now at cliff’s edge staring at the deep blue ready to plunge into total bankruptcy? Though the administration is at the forefront of the task at hand, it involves serious engagement from all 29 policymakers and key players Marianas-wide.

By now, the use of razor sharp powers of observations and critical thinking should be second nature. Sadly, most are far from such expectations. Are they suffering from attention-deficit disorder in addition to the inability to conceptualize—putting two units into one whole? It lowers the level of political discourse at every turn. It hits detachment from reality that finally sits pretty in grand passivity! Am still preaching to the choir?

Political adolescence
Political maturity is sadly at its adolescency. Substantive policy matters seem fearfully ghostly contraptions thus most prefer avoiding them at all cost. Is this because it requires use of the critical thinking process?

How about an active and proactive role buckling down to policies on health, education, economy, alternative energy, money for basic infrastructure, wages and salaries, and other constructive policies capable of moving the needle of growth upward?

Or are we stuck in the filthy mud puddle of yesteryear’s leadership conveniently gift-wrapped in empty followership? Someone once said that evil triumphs where men of good intentions sit idly by.

Situational poverty
I’ve seen the worst of times to which we bounced right back with real resiliency. The obligation of freeing our canoe that’s stuck in the sands of bankruptcy at the harbor requires paradigm change and employment of powerful positive ideas.

The elected elite is charged with navigating our sinking canoe, difficult as it may be. Take a closer look at your tools on the navigational chart. The answers are staring at you 24/7. It’s all a matter of working the clock to change conditions.

Change is imperative lest we’d focus on you to unleash our final disposition. How much longer would you drag our people through the streets of situational abject poverty?

Tinted cars and politicians
A thoughtful friend related that throughout the country, safety remains paramount in the use of automobiles. It includes prohibiting tinted cars for a simple reason: SAFETY!

Appalling that while running for office, politicians all wanted visibility. After the election it turns into invisibility.

What would you say if someone fatally slams a family car because it is as dark as your tint; runs over a school kid but can’t see the driver behind his dark windshield; bumps your car but can’t tell who is behind the wheel, among others?

It doesn’t even take common sense to know why the safety of others is paramount 24/7. Finally, what would legislators say if a deranged person rolls his tinted car window down and fires an auto-rifle across a school campus or shopping center?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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