National Dysfunction


National delusion, dysfunction and paralysis have descended in both the NMI and Washington. Despicably discouraging the prominent placement of politics over the long-term interest of “we the people”.

Gridlock has been cemented in real time nihilism! Interesting the callousness in the prism of politicians who care less about the destruction and hardship such behavior imposes on the multitude!

The border crisis has derailed the country piled by threats of Ebola and the likely long war with Islamic insurgents. This while Mr. O chases down a small white ball at Martha’s Vineyard. Why is the strongest man on the planet fearful of providing real leadership? The Iraq situation remains savagery!

Like in the islands, the economy is a total disaster but policymakers have placed greater importance prohibiting drying panties on clothesline in Garapan and regulating cockfights as though these are the most pressing issues of the multitude. Percipiency? Vision? Hell, even B&W television would do!

Though his approval rating is at its lowest it seems somewhat appallingly inconsequential. Perhaps the disengagement is lodged in the belief that he isn’t running for office anymore. So why worry, be happy, another vacuous disengaged or bully pulpit speech ought to do the job NOT!

Obama has become a study unto himself. The stunning disengagement seems a conscious tool he employs to change capitalism so it conforms to his definition of social justice. He wants to tax the rich to the hilt to meet his redistributionist policy. But then what happens if the number keeps contracting? Who is going to pay for his ill-conceived redistributionist policy? Moreover, did he forget that we’ve been here refining our democratic institutions for 236 years now?

It appears too that his liberal advisors have taken a train ride pushing their agenda mindless of the destruction it imposes against the entire country. He’s gone after the rich and has forced what’s known as “inversion” where the wealthiest of Corporate America move offshore to avoid heavy corporate taxes. And Obama still wants to go after these folks though they’ve paid more than their share of dues.

Lofty speeches isn’t going to fix the disengagement that is found in your persona, Mr. O. Remember the “you can keep your doctor” bit that became the “Lie of 2013” after the failed rollout? He doubles down stretching the boundaries of his authority knowing the U.S. Congress isn’t going after him in any credible manner.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) blasted President Obama’s domestic and foreign policies in a recent radio interview, saying Obama was “not prepared for the job.”

“While the president thinks that giving a speech is leadership, it really isn’t,” Boehner told Scott Hennen of KTGO in North Dakota.

Boehner, who’s in the middle of a multi-state bus tour appearing at events for members and candidates, said the president’s policies have not worked, but “he won’t admit that.“

He said people still asking, ”Where are the jobs?”

Reining-in Investments
The contraction of revenue generation has nosedived from a robust $256 million annually two decades ago to $135 million today. It’s a negative shift drained by the exodus of investments here in recent past. In other words, key players simply took a permanent walk with their luggage and never even look back.

Appalling that investment exodus didn’t seem to bother leadership who stood by dumbfounded as though quietly hoping for miracles from unheard of mansions in the universe. It had no inkling that the exit of major investments would be catastrophically devastating.

It’s the prize of ignorance piled by local arrogance as the floodgates of disinvestment flung wide open. We never even retreated to reassess the dire consequences of investment exodus. It seems it was just another day at the beach. Or could it be the usual stifling disengagement gift-wrapped in the lack of a comprehensive set of plans?

And now there’s a reduction in flight services even out of Japan. Isn’t tourism the sole pillar of the local economy? Do we massage it singing “You Are My Sunshine?”

Since then the economy spiraled downwards even to this day and we still aren’t sure if we’ve hit rock bottom or just where are we in this mess. As we applaud tourism recovery the airline service took a beating with a projected loss of some $35 million. This setback places investments on the wings in “wait and see” mode given the obvious lack of funds to meet the emplacement of more basic infrastructure of water, power, sewer, and roads.

Wagon of Hope Dislodged
Our Wagon of Hope has careened fatally off the main road while our horses headed elsewhere! What about the future of our children and of these isles? Is there anyone in government with conscientious leadership capable of navigating the islands out of its persistent fiscal crisis? Why must we consistently employ dystopian mañana?

The economy taking a steady downward spiral since recent past matters to me. Troubling that I seem to be the lone wolf in the meadows howling of thirst and hunger for something better than ignorance or the obvious lack of conscientious leadership. Here we are today with heads still buried in the sand confused whether the filthy dirt with our faces in it is up. Is it?

More Deterrents
The elected elite mouth-off “economic recovery” as though it’s a new fad or a good chance to sound intellectual. Sorry, not impressed at all!

Intellectuals are a highly respectful bunch that articulate issues thoroughly equipped with the wherewithal to do so. If you don’t have it please don’t chance it. Save yourself the humiliation!

You wonder if policymakers here ever read materials or mega-analysis what states in the union have done to lure investments to their side of the country. Or have we done anything up that alley? I mean what’s up your sleeves based on a set of plans for real time economic recovery other than empty spouts that don’t make sense at all?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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