Natting maaneeee, lai!


The NMI can no longer be lazy or boast ignorance in the review of its financial needs. To surrender to passivity is the perfect recipe for fiscal disaster.

Self-government makes it a must that you (elected elite) must look at the insufficiency of revenues in the local coffers. It requires stronger commitment to ensure it is given real time support to cover the needs of healthcare, education, and others.

You can’t second-guess it with the usual negligence in mañana. Nor could you play hide and seek with time that isn’t on your side. While you toy around with what little has accrued into the coffers, notice that the level of obligations has jumped by leaps and bounds ahead of collection!

Notice too that there’s no socio-economic plan as a matter of blueprint to guide economic growth preceded by the emplacement of basic infrastructure. Isn’t there the need to upgrade the old system of water, power, and sewer?

The issue stares at you straight in the eye and I’m sure you know that unless basic infrastructure emplacement is done in the near-term, nothing moves.

Magoo’s assessment of inaction has found funding insufficiency in most government quarters. Everything seems to be drowning in “bankruptcy” in varying amounts. Here’s his laundry list for Santa’s selection this Christmas:

Old retirement program: bankrupt. Owed some $779 million! Natting maaneeee!

Healthcare: Being rationed to the hilt! Natting maaneeee!

Medical referral: Natting maaneeee!

Public School System: Looking for maaneeee!

CUC: Looking for maaneeee, broke!

Water: northern villages without water. Natting maaneeee!

Airport: Can’t beautify, natting maaneeee!

Runway Lights: Natting maaneeee!

Shipping service to Rota: Company, natting maaneeee!

Old sewer system needs improvement: Natting maaneeee!

Power sputtering: Natting maaneeee!

Economic improvement: Natting Maaneeee in family pocketbooks! Oh?

What if fickle tourism stumbles? Natting maaneeee!

What if economy takes nosedive? Natting maaneeee for jobs and salaries!

Would appeal to D.C. help? Natting maaneeee!

For all the mounting financial mess at home the evil geniuses on imperial Capital Hill ignores taxing BSI’s $13.5 billion large. The attitude fits the definition of insanity—juggling the same funds, hoping for different results.

For decades the NMI has gone fishing around rocks near reef lines. An interesting fishing trip that skips several schools of fish in search for the elusive teeny one beneath rocks that dashes off from rock to rock. And there we stand with empty spear gun in hand repeating redundancy as though a new work of genius. Seesuzzzz! Yep! We look good without fish, di ba? Natting maaneeee!

Contradiction: Now, after 40 years of self-government we would think that the political maturation process has taken root. In short, we would be mature in the disposition of issues that matter. Now, let’s review what is that isn’t with a sense of honesty.

Have we really made strides in the exercise of self-government given the results of the recent election? I’ve heard tons of voter dissatisfaction yet the choice is the same for the Do-Nothing bunch returning to redundancy land once more.

Now, don’t blame them but yourself! Yep! You wanted the same old music, a path to eventual destruction of the future of posterity. Deal with it!

Words: Local behavior is an interesting study in itself. I’ve treaded it to get a glimpse and clarity how we handle decision-making. Even more interesting is our inability to make decisions decisively. And so we trace history to see the fainted manner with which decisions have been reached in recent past.

I defer to lingo in that it is in “words that we form the thread upon which we string our experiences.” In brief, English is a precise lingo while Chamorro is implied. One is definite, the other meanders into infinity.

Thus the wobbly behavior drowned merciless in “linear” thinking. In other words, we take issues at face value. We hardly analyze the implications and consequences of indecisions. We defer to disoriented talk over formal discussion. In the process, we often retreat to our meandering lingo to hide from taking the bull by the horn. We speak in the sea of gray areas as though we’re better than Pontius Pilate. At day’s end we’re our own victims!

Moreover, words we utter form and depict our attitude. Precision is what’s needed especially today when most everything that needs resolution requires the stronger side of our intellectual contributions.

You know of the NMI’s financial debacle—obligations piling ahead of available resources—yet you turn your heads against collecting its share of taxes from BSI’s recently raked-in $13.5 billion. Is it pure ignorance or simply the lack of perception among lapdogs or did someone say, “Not yet, already?” Why turn the people you represent into slaves or instant sacrificial lamb?

Lawsuit: Questions have been hurled at me whether I have strong dislikes for people on the flipside of the lawsuit I’ve filed against the MV Luta. No! I know my legal nemesis. And it isn’t the people involved as much as the violation of laws in the expropriation of the $400,000!

Now, did my lawsuit paralyze the MV Luta sitting in the Tanapag Harbor? Wasn’t it other lawsuits filed against Biktot Hokog and cabal associated with the “mermaid” that included its arrest effectively paralyzing operations? Eh! Out the window goes help for Rota, di ba?

Often quietly alone, I’d sit and ponder if the highly esteemed and illustrious legislators even have an inkling of the essence of the lawsuit. If not then what could be the perfect excuse for your failing to see and understand the inherent issue? Humiliating!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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