New Year resolution and more training is not always better


Why do I always stress the importance of looking at the bigger picture?

“Diet just 30 days, drop 100 lbs by spring.”

“Six pack abs in two weeks.”

Headlines like these make me cringe. The long haul holds very little interest, so I understand the appeal. Before I was ever in a position to help people I was also easily drawn to them as well. Things aren’t always what they seem. Be pragmatic. If you’re markedly out of shape and overweight, there are no shortcuts and quick fixes. Stop trying to find one. You’ll have to overcome the challenges just like everyone else.

Q:​ ​Can you offer any practical advice for rapid weight loss? I know it’s not necessarily a good thing, but I really want to get in shape fast this new year​.

A:​ Before dipping your toes back into the gym this new year, here’s some Gandalf wisdom: your primary aim should be towards establishing the behavior and habits conducive to sustainable weight loss because the real challenge ​is​ what you do after the challenge.

If you mismanage the time period after the fact, you could potentially find yourself in a deeper hole than you began with. Consequently, you make it harder on yourself every time you decide to get back up on the horse. It’s a vicious cycle and evident with stubborn yo-yo dieters. Assuming you want to get it right this time, you would do well to adopt a discipline you can adhere to long-term.

Q:​ ​What’s the biggest mistake you see beginners make?

A:​ It goes without saying you need to apply hard-nosed effort. Unfortunately, most people look at this from a vacuum and overestimate the amount of work they need to be doing. It’s now becoming clear that you don’t necessarily have to train yourself to the ground, which makes things a bit more practical to the general population. Obviously, there is a certain point where concessions have to be made in order to take it a step further. But on the whole, it’s a mistake to think that deliberately chasing muscle soreness or doing senseless circuits will accelerate your progress.

Dre De Los Santos | Author

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