Why not, it’s God-given


Why not legalize marijuana especially when God has given us every herb to use for our benefit. Marijuana is not one of the “thou shalt not” in the Bible and the only time marijuana can be considered as being mentioned in the Bible is when God gave it to us to use. If marijuana was so darn bad God would have told us—duh! In fact, there is no mentioning of the use of marijuana in the thousands of Biblical texts which sends a clear signal that nothing is wrong with the use of marijuana. The only time marijuana could be considered bad is when a person uses it to try and be closer to God or to reach a higher religious plain which is not acceptable by the church as this kind of behavior is considered sorcery—you don’t go to church high on pot. Marijuana should be freely grown for medical and recreational purposes and one can only assume that God feels the same way about the use of alcohol as he does for marijuana when it comes to socialization – both should be used in moderation for relaxing and socializing. So if a religious leader chooses to fight against the use of marijuana it will be their personal quest, not God’s because marijuana was given to us to use ever since the beginning of time.

Given that we have the blessings of God and the support of the President and the Federal Government to legalize marijuana it should make a lot of people wonder what in the hell are our leaders waiting for to legalize it. The people who participated in the Senate hearings made it very clear that legalization for medical and recreational use was acceptable in the CNMI but the problem has been that no single leader wants to risk their political real estate for the people. FYI readers, I was told the medical bill by Sixto is dead. It is now common knowledge that medical use alone does not work and will in fact create more marijuana crimes. Guam and other states that approved medical use are already rethinking and working toward full legalization. A total of 23 states more are poised for full legalization in this year’s elections.

The sick, some of whom are facing death, need legalization to become a reality to ease their suffering. Our economy that has been flirting with being in intensive care for the past decade needs legalization to capture the cannabis tourism market before Guam or Hawaii beats us to it. We need to create the new industries of legalization that offers 16 new careers that will yield hundreds of high paying jobs for only local U.S. citizens as alien workers cannot participate for obvious reasons of it still being against federal law. Only U.S. citizens can practice and get away with “civil disobedience” like we did during the Civil Rights Movement. We need legalization to pay off our many debts, especially to the Retirement Fund. We need legalization to properly subsidize our healthcare services on- and off-island. PSS needs legalization to build the new schools and fix up the old ones. The Judicial Branch needs legalization to expand judicial services and to eliminate the ridiculous burden of marijuana crimes on the new Drug Court. FYI readers, the CNMI is going to look so stupid and behind the times for prosecuting marijuana crimes in our new drug court that are not crimes in other states. I’m going to stop here as it should be getting ridiculously clear that we need to legalize marijuana and the reasons are virtually limitless.

All the major opposing arguments against legalization have been proven false and are all but dead issues now. Everything from arguments that the children would go crazy over marijuana to claims that marijuana was going to make people crazy are now in the myth/fiction section. So do yourself and the CNMI a big favor by calling your senator and congressperson to support a legislative initiative for this coming election or the CNMI will end up dead last again when it comes to finding and reaping the benefits of change and prosperity in America.

President Kennedy gave us a great “guiding philosophy” when it comes to tough issues and challenges that have plagued or haunted mankind. When asked why America should go into space he said “why not” and now look at the many doors space has opened for mankind. The same is true with marijuana, which is why we should be saying why not legalize it because we already know it will open many new and prosperous doors for the entire society that does legalize it. Colorado has shown us the way we just need to follow it is just that easy. One people one direction for full legalization!

PS: I know someone thinking they are a so perfect and god like is going to try and talk about me for mentioning God, but if God is truly involved everywhere and in everything, I’m sure he doesn’t mind me mentioning his stance on this subject as it is written in the Bible. So if you want to complain you need to first ask God why did he gave us marijuana? We know it was not for nothing and it certainly wasn’t meant to create criminals for using it. If you want to complain about this essay think about these facts because God has given his OK to marijuana use so please direct your complaint to God not me—he can hear you.

Ambrose Bennett (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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