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State Secretary John Kerry is too messianic in the Israeli defense minister’s view and though we agree that Kerry’s style is too moralistic for comfort (I do not mean “ethical”; he promotes a divisive sense of “ought, or else”), we think that it is time for Israel and the Palestinians to come to terms with what they have created.

Two generations in Gaza and one in the West Bank have known no other home than the limited confines of a concentration camp or what is allowed them by Israel. That is a slew of people who know nothing but to lash back at the source of what they consider to be their oppressors.

Nor does Israel need to live off the mileage of WWII’s Holocaust forever. “Next year in Jerusalem” springs out of the notion that one cannot sing the songs of Zion by the rivers of Babylon. By its own good book, the answer in fact is, yes, we can! That Israel wishes to regain the sovereign boundaries of the Davidic kingdom is understandable but not at the expense of so many.

Obama represents America to the rest of the world, and though he is treated by many religious Republicans and Democrats as one who precedes and prepares the way for the antichrist, a few diehard Americans of a certain political persuasion and stubborn religious fanaticism already peg him as the One!

Derailing Obama has been a loud Republican refrain since 2008 while diehard conservative Democrats grin but politically cast him aside. One may be forgiven the speculation that opposition is deemed stronger on him as a fresh inexperienced former junior senator of Illinois turned executive than what a veteran and more experienced politico like Hillary Clinton would get.

But Hillary lost the Democratic Party’s primary to Barack Obama who went on to better the tandem of McCain and Palin, so we will not know. Banking on the last election’s response, Republicans might have prematurely celebrated their own polls predicting Obama’s defeat. Obama pulled out a miracle from the predictably mundane, a feat normally attributed by the religious to the supernatural!

One of the Republican’s response through Ms. C.R. McMorris (R-Washington) to the recent Obama’s SOTU is an either/or case against the increase in minimum wage toward equitable wealth and benefits distribution. She offered a simple increase on economic profit for anyone willing to try, arguing that what she represents leans toward a focus on potential rather than on limits. She claims that the government is abrogating the right and prerogative of individuals themselves being allowed to make their own choices. Nice rhetoric. Reality is something else.

The metaphor I used during the hectic days of my social activism was the division “between the 15 and the 85 percent” of the population I heard Harvard president Derek Bok use to divide the have and the have-nots. Now the media metaphor describes a gap between the 1 and the 99 percent. More specifically this week, I heard the horrifying figure of 85 folks owning the total worth of 3.5 billion people. That is 85 people’s financial value equals half of the world’s population! That is not injustice; it is a crime against humanity.

Obama as President tried to bring Main Street back to the role Wall Street had abrogated for itself. He has not been that successful. Guantanamo prison remains in existence, though Obama has been heard six times with intent to close it down. That is very telling of how much the President actually has control of the power of the military-industrial complex.

Unfortunately, he used drones to minimize human exposure to surefire danger. It did not work to pacify domestic audiences, though it saves personnel losses as drones went after targets without loss of lives except innocent bystanders on the other side. What is clear are the warm handshakes in corporate board rooms of campaign fund’s contributors who befit from the application of new technology and the manufacture of war materiel!

In the last SOTU (State of the Union Address), Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tx) tweeted that the crowd waited for the “Kommandant-in-Chief, the socialist dictator who’s been feeding U.S. a line or is it A-Lying?” This would be innocuous comic stuff were it not coming from GOP Rep. Ron Paul’s replacement. Weber fancies himself as the next “Republican troublemaker, if only someone would pay attention,” according to a published description. Of course, Weber is just echoing what his colleague Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga) tweeted after the 2010 SOTU: Obama believes in “socialism,” not the Constitution!

Aye, there’s the rub. Opposition to Obama and Obamacare stems from America’s historic refusal to establish universal health care ‘cause it is “socialism.” Add Muslim into the picture and we have a cousin to Arafat with an evil eye!

Obama is just an ordinary guy from Illinois, folks. He had the temerity to play President of the United States, an unscripted role only fools and the naïve would want to play. In my view, he is not doing too badly. It is the state of the union that is askew, but that’s another article.

Jaime R. Vergara | Special to the Saipan Tribune
Jaime Vergara previously taught at SVES in the CNMI. A peripatetic pedagogue, he last taught in China but makes Honolulu, Shenyang, and Saipan home. He can be reached at pinoypanda2031@aol.com.

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