Perennial as the grass


Budgetary shortfall is no longer news for it seems as perennial as the grass. It goes up or down depending on economic activities.

Business activities (investment) warrant a bit more focus and attention to stir and expand revenue generation. If done right we should meet obligations with fund sufficiency.

It’s an opportunity to raising the poverty income of nearly 15-thousand employees. In other words, healthy investment spurs more income and higher paying jobs. As it is most employees are quizzing what tomorrow would bring. Any hope of improving their income or “not yet, already?”

Understood the inadvertent imposition of obligations overrunning revenue generation. Hope it isn’t a reason to attempt sneaking additional taxes against hard hit taxpayers literally struggling with poverty income levels today.

Nonetheless, we’re equipped with foresight to see in advance what happens when ill fated decisions on spending are allowed. We have the opportunity now to do it right. If sacrifice is in order let’s do it in the interest of timely delivery of services.

Meanwhile, though we may be poised with investments we shouldn’t be complacent with it given the persistent increase in the cost of obligations here. There’s no room for complacency!

In fact, we should emulate what other cities across the country are doing by directly helping ongoing businesses improve upon current investments. This expands services while increasing revenue generation concurrently. It’s happening across the fruited plain.


It seems, however, we’ve taken a slide into the usual “mañana” on investments for one reason or another. Must not be precipitous or negligent on this score. It’s a matter of improving and sustaining the quality of life at home. And it’s good to keep it up while we’re ahead.

Moreover, our savings grace has been and still is the nature of tiny pearly isles in the cultural tradition of sharing. We use it generously especially when someone needs help.

On a personal basis, I’d extend help to anyone in need without a blink. The sense of satisfaction can never be explained seeing that my fellow man makes it through another day. Generous sharing is part and whole of the island culture.


Being musically inclined, I usually have soft music while I read or write. It helps set the stage for the thought process. I prefer soft and melodic instrumental music from piano and guitar.

While at it, the melodic tune Whispering Hope playing in my laptop would slide in every so often. I’d listen and hum while reading. It’s a tune that revives my sense of hope no matter how spent intellectual acuity may be. A certain part says, “wait for the sunshine tomorrow after the shower is done”.

Yes, after the rhythm of the rain fades comes fresh morning air that revives and resets my buttons. It’s a new day and ready for whatever it brings. I suppose hope whispers as I sip my first cup of coffee at dawn looking forward to another bright day in paradise.


While mindful of events at home, I also have my eyes of the plague in China. Hope it is brought under control so it doesn’t turn pandemic on a global basis. About four cases have been found where all four people have died, recently. ***

National dems inquisition into presidential impeachment raises the vital query: is it a search for justice? Indeed, it included legal eagles from prestigious law firms and professors of law. I find their succinct explanations a real learning experience how the best legal minds view constitutional issues.


It would be interesting to hear answers from the elected elite on queries relating to improving the quality of life of villagers in their precincts.

Most would defer to the economy, an interesting concept though hardly understood by Da Boysis. Puzzling the courage to use it as the single word covers all misperception. How about revisiting reality check at least intermittently?

The law!

The concept of “ascendancy of laws” simply shows what laws reign supreme over others. Constitutional law is supreme over statutory laws (those approved by the legislature).

I raise the issue in light of plans by Rep. Roman Benavente to transfer disposition of public lands from DPL to DNLR. No sir! Statutory law is inferior to constitutional law.

Moreover, there’s a strong history behind the assignment of public lands to DPL. Imagine if it were under whimsical legislative disposition from half-cocked policymakers. Fandañgo!

No sir! Benavente must review the supremacy of laws concept to do justice to current disposition of public land. The issue entailed an involved discussion in the first constitutional convention. Review it for your own purpose and benefit, sir!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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