Pleading the 45th president (a summary proceeding preceding zero quartet)


“In the wake of horrible events each act is fortified with significance, unabsorbable as nutrients added to the outside of food: it can’t do any good.”
—Kay Ryan, poet and educator, U.S. Poet Laureate 2008 to 2010

About the U.S./Mexican border wall he flailed this way and that
he brought up the subject many times at the beginning of his rule
eschewing truth and spewing layers of lies filled with falsified fact
about the walls necessity and practicality he failed reality school.
   Nevertheless he persisted with hyperbolic fantasy plan after plan
whether to call it barrier, wall, or a fence he just couldn’t decide
he met bipartisan Congressional resistance from woman and man
the fact that he couldn’t make or get Mexico to pay he tried to hide.
   Now U.S .taxpayers will pay for the entire wall the cost be damned
replacement fencing sections with a tall metal fence are being erected
things along the wall aren’t going as well as he had poorly planned
basically the whole wall idea by Congress has been totally rejected.
   Now he›s falling off the wall in many respects more ways than one
locking children up in chain link metal cages under the border sun.

   Were there chain link fences around your school yard?
Don’t they still use high chain link fences around jails?
There’s a new application for them by our POTUS dotard
and its not for his campaign manager, lawyers, and pals.
   Dogs and children live behind indoor and outdoor chain links
all along the US Mexico state of Texas to California borders
dogs are in their owners yards, children rot in their own stinks
denied soap and toothbrushes and hidden from news reporters.
   The Republicans blame previous Democratic administrations
they separate children and infants from their immigrant parents
the entire USA and the world at large is aghast at the situation
as children’s parents wait many months for asylum clearance.
Look! Children inside chain link cages! Charged with innocence?
What in the name of basic humanity and democracy is the defense?

“I can’t speak, my tongue is broken; a thin flame runs under my skin; seeing nothing”
—Sappho, female poet, ancient Greece (610-580 B.C.)
He is much less than zero
and what else could be less?
well a set of negative numbers
a minus sign in front I guess.
He is a big disgrace in my eyes
and to much of the entire nation
this man who tweets twit for policy
unable to fathom many a situation.
His thoughts go up in smoke and hot air
like Nero fiddling. My father used to swear
“he doesn’t amount to a piss hole in the snow”
a joyous day for the USA the day he will go
Less than a zero anti hero, what could be less?
when he’s voted out of office.  God Bless.

—Epitaph with parts that may make you laugh
(being a sonnet style six-minute freestyle rap 
written between 7:30 and 7:36am on 08/23/2019)

He was a hollow and empty man
his mind was like stainless steel
it reflected back without feel
he didn’t know what it meant
to be behind the wheel
of the most powerful democracy engine
in the world and showed it every day
he had a need for a brain bed pan
to catch the fecal flow from his flatulent
fried brain that puts a horrible strain
on anyone who tried to explain
the ins and outs of an issue
which couldn’t sink in to his cerebral tissue
he was a very dangerous zero hero.

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)
Joey “Pepe Batbon” Connolly is a retired teacher and has been named a poet laureate of Tinian. He has taught English in CNMI public schools for the past 30 years. He has also taught in Alaska, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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