Poems and prayers for a nation in need


Poems and prayers for a nation in need

“Let Us Be What We Are”
This title and the two lines quoted in the sonnet are from an English translation of a poem titled Water and Fire by Jose Rizal (1861-1896). According to Wikipedia, Jose Rizal was a Filipino nationalist and polymath. He was executed by the Spanish colonial government for the crime of rebellion after the Philippine Revolution broke out.
Heavy water we have for bombs containing nuclear fire
now we have ICBM rockets carry them far across space
people we have to build destructive weapons we desire
as North Korea gamely plays a deadly “catch up” race
“So let us be what we are and co-exist without ire
and may no conflagration ever find us at war.”
resist putting our deadly war horses up to the wire
lobbing missiles coast to coast and islands shore to shore
millions of Koreans would die on the DMZ both sides
survivors die from radiation poisoning over the years
skin peeling falling off their burnt and blackened hides
survivors ‘mourning and weeping in a valley of tears’
together let us make a truly global Pacific Ocean peace
and save millions of lives with no nuclear release.

Frame of Reference? Shame of Preference
Much has been written about DJ Trump’s mental health
he’s called a Tweet tyrant a demagogue and narcissistic
refused to show his tax returns or report enormous wealth
and to the dismay of our Congress everyday unrealistic
in special relativity physicists speak of frame of reference
to show the dilation of time in space for relativity results
Trump shows the relative nature of his shame of preference
for belittling others and the total negative results of his insults
he insults from the White House, rallies, and on his golf course
he insults his own appointed and elected leaders left and right
and just when you think oh this can not possibly get any worse
Trump’s tweeting insanity continues morning, noon, and night
Trump’s own Secretary of State now shows a lack of deference
45’s lack of leadership continues the shame of his preference.
Contemporary Canticle for Congressional Creatures
Thanks to St. Francis of Assisi (1181 to 1226)
To all those congressional legislative officials chosen to lead
Like animals loved by St. Francis you warrant praise and glory
It should be yours but notice how these days our nation bleeds
and sickens as they learn of your quagmire and failing story
you warrant praise for passing legislation and jobs well done
yet are stuck wallowing in stasis in a partisan political divorce
duplicity and deception prohibits praise and will get you none
with closed policy meetings  and the boss out on a golf course
led down a perilous and slippery path by this self absorbed jerk
getting little accomplished while Russia monitors and laughs
it is time for compromise and getting back to positive work
listen to your electorate, read progress reports from your staff
so no praise for you in store today our lost and losing leaders
quandary and lack of legislation falls below all bottom feeders.

Prayer in Pursuit of Presidential Perception of the Perilous Plight of our Planet
Genocide, religious wars, hurricanes, strife everywhere
Mr. President we pray you listen, pray you will wake up
Commander-in-Chief worried about golf and dye for hair
its no hole in one when you take four strokes into the cup
lay down your golf clubs and the bigly TV remote control
awareness is not reflected in your inane tweets every day
read beyond bulletin points to comprehend the whole
try and listen to what those three generals have to say
please continue bipartisan efforts up on Capitol Hill
learn to turn the other cheek when insults come back
seek rapprochement with world leaders instead of ill will
use diplomacy with No. Korea lay off negative attack
Mr. President, we pray for your awareness not for spite
understand the reason for this strife and sorrow I incite.

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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