Policy issues


It is said that policy determines the quality of life of a community. It is a “theory behind a law or action that is beneficial to society that becomes a basis or reason for laws and rulings by a court.”

The latter aspect is a bit more complex, though the intent remains the same—improvement of the wellbeing of villagers—to the level of prosperity.

Be that as it may, it seems we’ve done a decent job addressing such policy as housing and other collateral issues. It involves a process that requires organized implementation. A little focus and we should expand other services beyond normalcy or conventional wisdom.

It remains our duty to resolve issues collectively. The task turns even more critical when disposing of scarce resources.

Indeed, the promise of better tomorrows is as perennial as the grass made by politicians that seem to neglect them with equal agility. I call it the recycling factory where the same garbage is brought for regurgitation during election year. After more than 40 years I’ve memorized promises like the back of my hand.

Politics is as sure as a three-dollar bill. We’ve dealt with it and know the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, we ignore lessons in perpetuity as though second nature to our demise. Must begin paying attention to our rights and aspirations as citizens. Let’s hold public officials accountable for their actions.

Damning our wobbly behavior replaying exhausting policy redundancy as though new material found aplenty at the landfill.

I have been treading varying views among national policymakers in matters of interest. Appreciate the depth of their informed views that have gone beyond conventional wisdom.

It could be done here too if policymakers retreat to reassess issues that merit turning into policy. The exercise should be limited to substantive issues so we avoid turning the legislature into the first manufacturing entity in the NMI of half-baked policies.

Trump’s meteoric success with the national economy leaves Democrats at a loss for table issues, thus the apparent disorientation.

The economy has soared, giving people jobs and more money for their families. In more ways than one, most folks have benefited from Trump’s healthy economic plans that are unstoppable at this point.

Trump’s success became a political thorny issue for Democrats who can’t figure out table issues in order to find some form of participation in the improvement of the quality of life for families. Well, it happens when the train leaves the station without Da Boysis. It would be a long hitch home.

Be that as it may, admirable Trump’s success with the economy where workers head home with more money in their paychecks for family needs. In the process, national Democrats can’t figure out table issues that would bring them into relevancy with fellow citizens.

Trump’s also determined to resolve the homelessness epidemic in the golden state turned “poop” state. Imagine the stench of poop all over California. What’s the cause of homelessness when the economy has soared? How did this positive phenomenon skip those now languishing in impoverished land? It’s all a matter of leadership where high tidal shift lifts all boats!

The fluctuation of revenue is a given that is contingent on several factors. Fortunately, it’s comforting the commitment of money managers to see appropriate disposition of scarce funds. It’s good to save some for that “rainy day.”

Hopefully there would emerge a plan to improve upon our mini-tourism industry. Let’s strengthen gradual commercialization of farming and fishing. It may require a set of plans but there’s nothing stopping us from moving forward with it. Subsistence has outlived its usefulness.

Members of boards and commissions are legally mandated to work and focus on policy issues.

To use your post to advance the salaries of spouses and relatives makes you a voluntary participant in corrupt activities prohibited by law. This isn’t too hard to understand, is it?

If necessary I will publish names in the days ahead to point out the obvious anomaly. Your role was never intended to help family members over fulfilling the public role and function of the board or commission you’re appointed to help. Ever heard of the term integrity?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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