Poll: 72 pct pro-independent


A poll conducted by Marianas Agupa (radio program) here has some very interesting results. The question posted was: whom would you vote for this November?

Some 72 percent said they’d be voting for Independent candidates, six percent aren’t voting and two percent for republicans.

It’s a plus for independent candidates though not all and woefully bad tidings for Republicans the latter boasting abysmal record and failure. I surmise most would be defeated this November. Yep! Must change fossilized representation stuck in its own interest at our expense.

Recent introduction of a measure to fill their pockets isn’t helping Republicans any. Is there anything else new under a highly suspect leadership that completely ignores the livelihood of our people?

It’s indicative of the wide support for independent trade horses over the tired and exhausted republicans. Coupled with irreparable disunity I’d be a worried sick if I were a Republican or independent incumbent.

Magoo said that it’s a delayed reaction where party heads from the fractious GOP failed to see the powerful tsunami of mass destruction headed to shore. It’s all tired biba turned biliba! Imagine trying to rearrange the chairs on the deck when the boat is at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Did I hear realignment of sort somewhere?

Sad bird songs at dawn

Bird chirps are the sounds of joy at dawn. It signals the beginning of a new day in paradise. This morning though it sounded melancholic or sad and particularly mournful too. I retreated to the silent corners of my mind to figure out the shift in mood of my feathered friends.

Up ahead, I saw an immaculate white dove flying beneath the overcast skies of paradise. It’s a symbol of leaders who usually fly alone. It was also a symbol of hope. At least, there’s something to latch on amidst the deepening economic mess and its accompanying sense of hopelessness at home.

We seemed to have been conned into believing the economy is on the rebound. I call it economic bigotry where family income remains the same all these years. And you’re preaching otherwise when familial hardship stands center stage in households everywhere?

Have we subscribed to wishful thinking, herd mentality, wildebeest syndrome, or bias reinforcement for failing to critically probe the beast? Do we prolong the illusion of everything’s honky dory? But aren’t agencies considering borrowing on their own, e.g., Judiciary, NMC, and others? Assertion of economic growth is asymmetrical or doesn’t follow!

Leadership is the missing metric in the deepening mess substituted by a full-blown agenda of political expediency focused on re-election. Do you have a successful economic plan that has factually lifted all boats? Would your eventual harvest be a bounty or a nightmarish scarcity? It’s all in what legacy you’ve planted in your garden, right? There’s none in the field.

Even a retreat and reassessment aren’t going to do any good at all. The parade has left!

Paradise in ruins

With the evacuation of more than 3,000 of our people to Guam, Hawaii, and the U.S. mainland some six years ago, I couldn’t fathom the idea how each family had to endure moving elsewhere in search of greener pasture. This was prompted by the lack of opportunities at home.

This is the ugly trophy of Republicans (Achilles Heel) and refuses to see it displayed and scrutinized to their detriment! The damage is horrendous and if it’s only worried of its image, has it ever considered the hellish hole it has created for our very own people?

Shallow politicians and loyal friends must dig down deep into their conscience to see if their failure in the dislocation and evacuation of our people is morally right. Is it right to force families to withdraw lifetime savings in order to look for opportunities elsewhere away from paradise?

I’ve met some of these folks in San Diego and Texas though respectful at Republican candidates’ stiff face looking for votes. It was a futile effort for the GOP troops what with a legacy of a hellish hole here. Bad!

Expanding private industry:

An interesting issue that came up during conversations with folks in the U.S. mainland is the scarcity of meaningful private jobs between Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Most jobs are in municipal governments and the NMI making it the largest employment industry.

Thus, the total reliance on political jobs where one literally sells heart, mind and soul to the company store completely stripped of personal dignity. The employment venue could easily become the seat of corruption that simply ignores the essence of education in favor of servile loyalty from A-Z. I smell a rat, filthy in all its form and substance.

Scarce opportunities

How sad it is to see our educated young minds heading elsewhere in search of meaningful employment. Opportunities for meaningful career here—beyond government—is non-existent. Leaving home is the only exit door to opportunities beyond the islands.

Besides good paying jobs, there are also opportunities for professional development known as “continuing education.” Eventually, they’d find good neighborhoods to settle down, e.g., purchase of homes in communities that are equipped with good schools, hospitals, etc. Sad.

Truth moves mountains

With republican legislators preparing legislation to change casino law so they and family members could be hired at Best Sunshine, I wonder if the amendment shouldn’t include those of us who are not politically powerful to fight for ourselves?

Moreover, what prompted the planned amendment for self-aggrandizement? Have you been guaranteed employment with BSI? Or is this a way to legitimize salaries today for siblings, spouses or relatives now on the payroll?

I may be alone in my quest to convey the truth in the interest of the innocent and ordinary people. But I equally know that none of the legislators on the hill are saviors of the people. And the truth definitely moves mountains!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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