Repealing Affordable Care Act


In the last seven years, national Republicans have yearned to repeal the Affordable Care Act, according to a Bloomberg editorial.

It rode on powerful political rhetoric to trash it but left naked when tasked to get it done. It seems, though, that it has found sure footing to do so.

President-elect Trump has sought fellow Republicans in Congress to repeal Obamacare immediately with remedies to follow over the next weeks. I figure it’s payback time where the new president erases the Obama legacy.

Gone: Obama’s farewell speech was staged for the “windy city” and a “good one by Chicago’s violent standards—only one person was killed by gunfire and eight others were wounded,” reports the Washington Times.

Some 762 Chicagoans were murdered up to last Christmas. It’s an ugly chapter in the Obama-Emmanuel legacy. Some Chicagoans say it’s shaping up as a “hollow valedictory speech.” Not sure that it panned out that way.

I have to admire his “staggering capacity to evaluate trade-offs” and stood firm telling his staff to “stay focused” and try to understand the consequence of their actions for millions of folks across the prairie. The latter commitment has lifted the lives of millions nationwide.

Sometime he’s too scholarly in his explanation of issues that we miss the boat. A lot of editorial writers and commentators admire his coherence in any of his deliberations. The only setback was he never brought his eloquence to the WH. Imagine if he did and adhered to his policies. A powerfully persuasive speaker so unique in U.S. presidential history!

Excitement: President-elect Trump has sidestepped the intelligence community and ignored the mainstream media as he tweets answers on issues. Not a conformist by any standard. It makes for an exciting term at the WH.

Trump has forced Ford to shutter its Mexico auto plant. He’s elbowing General Motors to keep jobs at home. He’s issued fair warning to Toyota that it would suffer heavy border taxes if it keeps its auto manufacturing south of the border.

He’s also set his eyes on midnight regulations issued recently by Obama. Why not! Why should this fiat by Mr. O be allowed when each regulation would cost some $100 million to follow? Congress is also ready to retrieve policy review especially those that would drive manufacturing cost upwards. I say why not!

Boredom: Here at home, the dazed elected elite is struggling to understand what IPI’s bond downgrade means. If you return to the story you could well come to terms with it. It places you right front and center for solutions if the project sputters to death because it can’t secure financing.

It cuts recent euphoria about economic improvements here. We’ve elbowed Nippon and Korean investments while the new Trump administration is troublesome for trade and security in Asia. What if Trump just intensifies bad terms with China that kills any further investments here?

The assault against a fragile island economy would be hugely devastating; we probably need to prepare a mea culpa beggar’s trip to Washington to recite “…hallowed be thy authorization, thy appropriation come…”

Excuse me! The usual dish of redundancy is still on the menu about healthcare. Why don’t you visit the hospital and see if PJs have been bought, toiletries sufficiently provided each room on the floor, in-house medication on the ready, and other needs. Bring a sheet of paper and check them off when factually met by CHC.

If not, return to your respective chambers and repeal the new hefty salaries you’ve given yourselves at the close of 2016. This simple suggestion teaches what’s known in management as “priorities” over “nice to have” stuff. The old salary is most sufficient for the lack of quality in your performance, di ba? Eh, get for da kine for real braddah! Na` para i peskan do`du!

Red flag: Whenever issues are raised in this column they are basically intended as red flags so you catch it with the conviction to do due diligence.

Regional stuff must be looked at from their implications. In other words, what happens to Chinese investments here when the spat between Trump and Jinping escalates to a show of power?

Out the window goes this category of investment. Simultaneously, didn’t we already elbow Nippon and Korean investments? With investments being crispy fragile, how would the NMI spur economic revival when it’s forced to head further south? Did you miss this or “not yet, already?”

The troublesome foreign relations between global giants (U.S., China and Japan) in East Asia are uncertain and unpredictable under a Trump presidency. The shift in the geopolitical landscape in East Asia needs intervention of allied nations pitching the need for continued trade relations. It’s the only path to keeping trade and security intact. It’s an issue we can’t ignore!

The casino building binge that includes Manila, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau and others may compromise our share of wealthy players. It could mean a heavy decline in revenue generation. What if it morphs into far less for far less on programs now funded by the casino law? Is there a fallback position or will it mean a perfect crash into the reef of bankruptcy? This is where “deliberative discussions” come into play—the careful consideration—of issues!

Policy stability isn’t a forte of the NMI especially when dealing with investments. When the last door is shuttered how do we spur growth at home? Halo! EVERbody home?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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