Reworking economy


President Trump and the U.S. Congress have approved a $2 trillion economic stimulus assistance program to help people and businesses rebuild and return to normal life. It’s timely help for coronavirus-stricken folks across the country.

Be that as it may, it’s good to know that the NMI is free of the fatal virus and hope it stays this way. It would be a mind-numbing challenge handling a lethal health issue we know nothing about. Imagine overwhelming the Commonwealth Health Center with woefully ill patients struggling to survive fatal viral infection.

A large production of medical and other supplies has begun in various countries intended to delay the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable and help those infected. The spread seems huge as to requires several states to build additional hospital facilities.

Promoting and ensuring health helps other sectors of normal activities in any community. It is never the reverse. How do you move about when half your people are home, sick? It’s a personal responsibility and more the reason to stay healthy!

Amidst preparation, it’s common knowledge that we’ve helped other countries rebuild successfully; it’s now our turn to help ourselves!

Multinational firms seeking help from the U.S. Congress are required to bring back jobs to our country, a reciprocal requirement.

The focus is to rebuild our country so there’s less reliance on other countries for materials and supplies. We’ve done it before and could still revive it full measure. Must rebuild to ensure economic viability and stability. This ensures decisions we make at home independently are designed for self-support.

Let’s do it a step at a time, beginning with the health of our countrymen. With physical health, we could ensure economic rebound with relative ease.

How do we navigate the stormy sea of economic decrease here at home? It depends how soon the number of visitors from nearby countries fill the hotels here.

That the virus still thrives in nearby countries where visitors originate doesn’t offer much hope that the strength of the industry would return by summer. This week international flights to the island were cancelled. History! Alternative?

With economic decrease comes the closure of struggling small businesses. We lose both the business and their employees who rely on their employer to provide for basic family needs. Unemployment shows its ugly face.

It definitely turns into a larger crisis. Without jobs how do families pay for the first family home, food and clothing? Though we may wish to help, recovery isn’t likely for at least two years. It’s one “long and winding road.” Let’s join hands and expedite help to our friends!

Health and education factor critically how scarce funds are distributed NMI-wide. The rest could be reduced to the lowest common denominator or shuttered altogether. Must not force hardworking taxpayers to shoulder excesses in these bad times!

Meanwhile, the virus falls within the realm of science. It turns into mucus when entering the respiratory system. How do you prevent it from blocking bronchioles in the lungs? See your family doctor if it happens!

Happy to note that we still don’t have the virus here. And please listen and follow instructions from doctors how to stay clean while taking care of your hygiene. Please deal patiently with the elderly members of the family. It’s the most vulnerable group!

Businesses may decide to close down for two months or so. It instantly terminates the paychecks employees rely upon to pay for the first family home, family car, food, etc. It may delay spread of the virus but send families into serious losses that are far more egregious than the infection. Meaningful discussion should help one and all.

The airline industry has also been adversely affected by the devastation wrought by the coronavirus. It has cut services that instantly paralyzed the visitor industry here. It’s a clear indication that our mini-tourism industry would take a while longer to return to regular activities.

Policy is the vehicle employed to improve the quality of life of people in the villages. It’s fiduciary duty for the elected elite.
In the U.S. Senate debate over the stimulus measure, a senator remarked, “Our country was founded by geniuses now run by a bunch of idiots.” It’s a perfect description of out-of-focus politicians. Magoo he feels strongly that we also have idiots here too.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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