Santa in his canoe


Nearly 15,000 employees are earning poverty income level NMI-wide. It’s salaries between $15K and $18K per year and most employees are stuck in these categories.

I recall the administration announcing plans to improve this issue to a decent level. But I haven’t seen it implemented yet.
The ball is on your side of the court, so to speak. Employees have yet to see Santa come into the harbor in his canoe! Or does his itinerary include a quick stop this Christmas?


Local Democrats have decided to take an early start in preparing for next year’s midterm election. It seems ready for real time tango on people’s issues, quiet the landscape may be.

It brings some sense of excitement for new ideas that address people’s issues in the villages.

I’m interested to hear educated discussion on the resolution of poverty income and other major concerns. Let’s see how many of the politicians are conversant in this and other collateral issues.

It’s timely to rein in some sense of purpose and mandate all Da Boysis to support improving the quality of life at home. We need some solid and realistic plans on this score. Must liberate your little self from chiming the usual adolescency, “not yet, already.”

Indeed, simple folks know that “scarcity” is a “discouraging” word for they live it, daily. This must improve and it needs leadership.

There’s the promise of brighter tomorrows but it comes with the shift of people charged with the disposition of local affairs. Voters decide when it’s time to change exhausted followership to bold and creative leadership! Biba Marianas!


The chief complaint of low poverty income wages and salaries here is a realistic setback for families. What’s the single most vital issue behind this complaint? Quality of life!

Our people aspire for the means to build decent and safe family homes, food, clothes, and other basic filial needs. As it is more than half the time the family purse is empty, therefore, a nightmare they have to endure daily.

The key word is “basic”—just to make it through another day. Is this a term you could understand without looking disoriented while wringing your hands to allay personal fear for snoozing on the wheels? It’s all about depth of perception and conviction!


The literal expression of hardship is hard to ignore, knowing it’s truthful sentiment hailing from poverty conditions in family homes across the archipelago.

Those elected (29 legislators, two in the administration and Cabinet people) tasked to dispose of people’s issues aren’t necessarily poised to resolve the mounting mess, dazed and confused.

Nor do I expect reasoned answers on why the deepening mess and plans to resolve it. Whatever happened to depth of perception and conviction? Do we continue intoning “que sera?”

The issue is treated like a filthy leper roaming the villages. Some are willing to help but equally fearful of being infected with the lethal disease. Do we really have the gall to ignore the needs of the leper seen all over the villages?


Meanwhile, folks have also heard of major economic contraction (decreases) that robs of any opportunity for more family income. It makes for a confused landscape, e.g., economic contraction amidst loud protest for improvements on family income.

The echo of far less for far more gets louder by the day. Downward spending adjustment is the only wise option at this point for families. Is forced poverty the only answer from Da Boysis?

It’s one difficult challenge navigating scarcity. The obvious query is how could this be improved? The answer: Ask Da Boysis! Let’s hear some realistic answers premised on fully thought-out economic plans.


Some legislators aim more broth for small businesses in the form of taxes. Goes to show they never took Economics 101 or simple apprehension what the issue entails.

When small businesses are literally in dire straits, is there really an opportunity to grow when nearing bankruptcy? Why would you impose more taxes on small businesses owned by foreigners? How about some appreciable sense of equality and fellowship?


Returning to the internet, there’s the immigration and gun control legislation currently under debate in Washington.

The combined argument is analogous to too much broth where too many cooks spoil the recipe. We stare at it, pondering if it’s even safe to consume. Too many chefs on a pot of soup!


Interesting how Los Angeles and San Francisco, two the richest cities, have devolved into Poop Cities! You find poop or feces everywhere. The entire state stinks! Whatever happened to liberal leadership?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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