The Second Year Coming

With due respect for W.B. Yeats poem The Second Coming

tweeting and retweeting in a semantic cyber whirlpool
a bling king thing digresses and falls into his own dumpster
Things Fall Apart is removed from the WH bookshelf
mediocrity personified is loosed upon the wide world
the flight of ideas is at low tide and everywhere
the ceremony of the national anthem is challenged
many from top to bottom base staff face conviction
while the worst are full of denial believe me believe it
surely some realization of these matters is close at hand
just as sure as twaddling twit results in loss of command
a special counselor brings comeuppance news hardly out as
a copy of ‘Adam Smith For Dummies’ philosophy appears
a yellowing blank page gaze with little empathy for all
is moving with rage across campaign stage after stage
spouting demagoguery and rant while all about him
his team of legal sharks and Wall Street beasts feast
concerned twenty first century citizens grow paranoid
awakening every day to a new narcissistic nightmare
as the golden boy golfing goofball veers off course
headed back to his WH dump or his own white tower

the She Said She Said She Said Credible Waltz
we have all heard the ‘he said’ ‘she said’ argument story
we’ve heard the ‘he did’ ‘but then he said’ response the same
now ‘she said she said’ reports sexual assault in details gory
used in arguments back and forth in the name blame game
however now there seems to be a popular national chant
coming out everyday on TV and in social media for sure
as ‘she said she said she said’ becomes a common rant
about political and celebrity figures including Roy Moore
remember President Bill Clinton was impeached almost
accused fired, apologized, resigned, some gave up their fight
sexual assault reported on entertainers from coast to coast
as ‘she said’ numbers increase morning, noon, and night
meanwhile 45 and others accused keep repeating ‘false!’
continuing the ‘she said she said she said’ credible waltz.
Creation Event to Collusion Event
The effect of gamma (KGB) rays on a positron (political partisan) and electron (election) paths

In the microscopic subatomic world of particle physics
there’s something called a creation event
that is when the coiled world of a positrons path
meets the coiled world of an electrons path
physicists do the math and see something then clicks
and that is what is called a creation event
in the macroscopic world of  American politics
there is something I call a collusion event
when a partisan paid Russian ruble rich path
meets the coiled world of a political opponents path
Byzantine money talks to the media but to no one sticks
under the articles of the constitution tent
in the murky world and cyber time of partisan creation
lies an illusional, confusional, collusional event.


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