Sense of urgency


There are important issues conveniently skipped by imperial Capital Hill in favor of trivia or nonsensical matters. Tried to analyze why the seeming negligence and apathy. Can’t find any rhyme or reason to satisfy my curiosity other than incompetence.

Just as I started researching an issue came the Latin rendition of “Ke Sera, Sera” or “What will be, will be.” So I skipped the troubling queries that were forming in mind.

The troubling assertion of an “improving economy” begs for answers. Was it the result of a fully thought out set of socioeconomic plans or more circumstantial? Could a genius from the hill give a satisfactory explanation on this score?

Behind the half-cocked message are longstanding issues requiring resolution with resolve and finality. One pertains to land compensation. I understand it requires about $60 million to put closure to this matter. Was any of the revenue spike earmarked for this purpose? Or did the boys skip it once more like dog dunk in village streets?

Would there be sufficient funds to cover the needs of the public school system and healthcare? Understood why imperial Capital Hill heads to off-island medical centers while we settle for what’s available at CHC. Well, if most of us are earning $90,500 (now the current annual salary per legislator) we may have a chance doing the same. You see, people, we also know what’s good, di ba?

Hope this fiscal year school kids won’t be asked by their teachers to bring their own toilet tissue as has happened in recent past. This happens when funding falls short of basic PSS needs while the big boys meet in airplane cabins to do their work, junketing!

Someone is usually on the road looking for power generators, another is in Manila shopping for rooster knives; still others head to the U.S. mainland for political junkets to retain their luxury seats. These guys love the elitist lifestyle fostered with rich donors at the expense of “we the people”.

The failure of legislators can be attributed to poor quality solons that are clueless what fiduciary policymaking entails. The inability to use the concept of attribution has contributed to their complete record of failure! Amazingly appalling the careless attitude convinced we’re all blind, deaf and mute. Well, let’s send them to the blind corner of defeat this November in the interest of shifting to the more poised and committed to do the right things by doing them right.

Singing island blues

Each new day we wake up to the morning sun ready to return to work to earn our dues for family needs. We pray and hope for brighter days only to see it dimmed by the negligence of the elected elite on the hill. We cling to shreds of hope completely abandoned.

We retreat into a corner of our mind humming “where I will go, the wind only knows…” singing soulful island blues. We’d hum our personal version well past sunset.

Bewildering that failed promises made are once again knocking on our front doors draped in old filthy rags. The peddlers are the same bunch with extremely bad performances whose records are loaded with embarrassing failure.

If some of these guys are chewing Dr. Webster how come they don’t even understand the word “failure”? Magoo said he isn’t offended by the rejuvenated courage to peddle failure. Or is it election year pitch gift wrapped in ignorance and stupidity?

I tried making sense of it only to see a trail of disconnection in their blind empty faces and suspect courage. I figure this isn’t the time to lay it on them. I need to employ sanctimonious diplomacy to listen to their discordant voices. Should be fun ribbing their sensitivities!

The village folks look despondent—low spirit from loss of hope—echoing, “where I will go, the wind only knows…” At least we share the vast color of the ocean—blue!

No mas! Friends, you need not despair! We could get out of this mess. But it would take your active participation to leave hopelessness behind in the hands of the elite group that ignored our voices since day one. And, friends from Tinian can slam Borja of your sentiment, hands down.

Let us begin by asking a simple question: Has your family income improved over the last 20 years? Has the increase given you decent disposable income (after paying monthly installment for the first family home and car loans) to cover other cost like your children’s clothing, school supplies and decent meals at supper?

Ask your legislative and executive branch representatives what have they done to improve your family income that has been battered by increases in the price of basic goods throughout the same 20 years of zero-sum salary increase. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say about it all beyond sitting pretty in their elite nest. This is where you tell them in no uncertain terms, “No mas!”

Chewing Dr. Webster

It’s a struggle following the discussion between legislators and witnesses on most every issue under discussion showed on Channel 23 on television.

The questions asked lacked purpose, organization, and substance. It is further confused with the lack of grammatical integrity, syntax and diction. I mean, if your goal is communication why would you even confuse yourself with big words, usage being comical at best, incoherent at worse?

You wonder if the guys are learning basic English or something or other. So you could imagine their groping for words in an attempt to articulate their views landing squarely garble land. Communication is a two way street. The people around you or at home aren’t professors, doctors or technical specialists but ordinary people. Try da kine Chamorro braddah! Even we bite our tongue speaking our very own, yeah?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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