A series of selfie sonnets: Part 1


Navigating the turns and twists of the WH resident narcissist
some serious, some deleterious, some delirious, some imperious

“That the curious shall not know
How to tell them as they flow
And the envious when they find
What their number is, be pined”

—from Volpone (The Fox) by Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

All selfies by virtue of their origins in reality and by virtue of themselves already exist. There may be more in a brane (parallel universe) just beyond the tip of your nose. Chances are good if that is a reality you will never see them. Have you ever wondered how many selfies are currently floating in cyberspace? Have you heard of the theory of bubble speciation, which goes beyond megaverse or multi universe ideas and proposes that there are new universes being constantly formed in bubbles? Kind of a googolplex times googolplex times…well you get the picture. These sonnets are dedicated to a nabob of narcissism known to us all. In the name of the President, Himself, and His Reflections in a Golden Mirror.
45 on 45: Trump Takes Selfies
Do I take selfies? am I Baron of Bling? of course I do
I take them while tweeting before during and after
I can’t think of a much better subject can you?
I take them when I’m sad, mad, filled with laughter
I use a digital camera I bought for my self as a gift
who knew that camera would be hard to operate for me
I bought it for sale at my own gift shop practicing thrift
I post them all in my archives for Presidential Prosperity
I take them in the Oval Office and on my golf courses
Since I’m president number 45 every day I take 45
coming and going chopper to jet with military forces
believe me I’ll keep taking selfies as long as I’m alive
as I’ve said many times before, “Only I Can Do It”
as far as selfies are concerned there’s never a time to quit.
Follow Me and Follow the Money
(this is no jive follow 45 for a fiscal funny)
 Follow the money and follow me I got plenty
no need to ask why just believe me believe me
my father gave me a bundle when I was twenty
I made millions more before I turned forty
follow the money many people have said
a sucker born every minute that’s what the fact is
squeeze dollars out of dummies till they’re dead
for Wall Streets sake don’t file your taxes
follow the money from morning till night
make sure all your children work for you
I’m smart high IQ you don’t need to be bright
you’ll be rich like me before you are through
follow the money, yuan, yen, won, and rubles
no need to tell the truth or have any scruples.
Selfies Twist: My Asian Bucket List
Let’s tweet again like we did last summer
Putin says Russia didn’t interfere in our election
I believe him he knows I’m not getting dumber
and Rex and I still lean in his business direction
fresh back from my Asian whirlwind tour
only had one chance in Japan to go golfing
but liked those Chinese trade deals for sure
now I’m a big buddy and a fan of Xi Jin Ping
In Viet Nam I didn’t visit Sen. McCain’s jail
I said every country should place itself first
then who would be second? would the rest fail?
both me and Duterte performed as rehearsed
I stopped in Hawaii place of Obama’s birth
ate plenty ono stuff and increased my girth.

JOEY ‘PEPE BATBON’ CONNOLLY, Special to the Saipan Tribune

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