Shadows of godfathers


Life isn’t fair for losers. Yes, I was floored by the stunning and differing expressions of voters who had aired powerful views against incumbents. There was sheer dissatisfaction. Yet their votes said otherwise! It’s an interesting decision that deserves careful review.

Closer scrutiny reveals that behind the mysterious victory are silhouettes that boast five o’clock shadows. In other words, there emerged in our midst new godfathers including godfathers for all other godfathers. Who are these people?

There’s the main godfather who delivers the goodies (money) to the second group of godfathers or relatives who have direct access to the powers-that-be. And legislative godfathers who in turn give constituents a portion of their loot. And so there we have the Choir of Godfathers. And each is singing White Christmas, what with everything on their palm is colored green!

I don’t blame our people for their decision to obey godfathers in slave-like fashion. Nearly everyone is hurting trying to figure out how to provide for the next family meal and other needs. There’s hardly any room to figure out the forced conditions they had to endure. They’d bow to anything and everything!

But it’s your failure that left them in near total poverty! Do you exploit what you’ve forced against them? Didn’t you promise to improve their quality of life? It’s also clear why the parade of godfathers had to be creative in promoting a non-existent economy.

It’s to justify improvement to shore-up information for inclusion in a bond application. But the scheme is obvious! How do you refute the work of world renown and highly reputable economic firm shift its assessment of future investment potential in the NMI? Would an orchestrated lie tilt its findings? It has done due diligence!

In other words, if I have lots of money would investing in the NMI be the smart thing to do? What’s the future of the casino industry here and would it survive on its own over the next 20 years? Would sinking my money in this venture for that long period of time guarantee return on investment? Under suspect conditions, would it not be best that I invest my money elsewhere? These are queries investors must deal with when it comes to the NMI.

Godfathers would continue sucking off the side of the luscious gravy train passed down to them from the richer godfathers. What’s troubling about this scheme?

It doesn’t help families over the long-term. The hardship deepens as the Ship of Hope sinks steadily into the Marianas Trench. Sad that those who benefited with about $100 to blow would spend it quickly. What happens when the entire amount is spent? It’s back to square one, right? There’s nothing else to blow but they’ve obeyed on Election Day!

Unfortunately, trust in our governmental institutions has consistently gone south. The godfathers collect their loot while their followers yawn for more dough that isn’t coming until the next election cycle swings around. In brief, this is the story of the NMI’s godfathers who have traded their integrity and conscience in favor of yes, Me, Myself and I! With such shallow or empty mindset ill equipped with vision and integrity, what’s in our crystal ball?

What’s in our future?
In recent past, a Fortune 500 executive called the CNMI a “welfare state” riddled with “corruption.” I was badly wounded by that statement. Unfortunately, it leaves in serious limbo infrastructural needs like water, power, sewer and roads. And these issues remain dangerously suspect today. Is there a plan to address and resolve them in the near-term?

Funds for Capital Improvement Projects hail from Covenant funds under the agreement. It was guaranteed for seven years after its availability is contingent upon additional appropriations from across the Pacific Divide. Is there a chance Congress would continue being blindly generous? How do we explain not taxing BSI’s $13.5 billion largess? Do we repeat the usual adolescent expression “Not yet already?” Why chance being a laughingstock in DC?

Is self-government enveloped in irresponsibility and lack of accountability? What has the Office of the Attorney General done to collect the expropriation of some $400,000 in taxpayers’ money for the MV Luta? Have we factually employed economic efficiency—prudent spending of scarce resources—or has this been acknowledged with the usual inconsequential demeanor in the disposition of hard-earned taxpayers contributions?

How fitting that in the season of giving, the NMI also gives itself time to reassess its future under deepening conditions or else… Or do we intone the usual que sera, sera? EVERbody home? Despicably disgusting, isn’t it?

Yes, we need tons of money to begin addressing and improving healthcare delivery at CHC. I’m talking the entire nine yards that involves investing in our medical team and facility to lessen medical referral cost. If you understand the current setup then you begin to see why you can’t rely on politics as the answer to a consistently inefficient healthcare system. In fact, there’s no one left to blame but people at the helm who fail to think outside the box. Eh, did you get that pal?

Then politicians mouth off about the education of our children. Yet, the latest issue they’re pursuing is more money for their pockets! Did it ever occur to you that the quality of your performance merits your skipping the issue immediately? I mean what have you factually done to improve family income substantially Marianas-wide?

Definitely, sentiment against it is exacerbated by your failure to emplace lasting economic growth that lifts ALL boats! Eh, I like for da kine for floating and paddling my canoe on water not in the sand downstairs, get that pal? We people too, right? Why you no good rookin’? You walk like the blind bull I sold my neighbor!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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