Shifting paradigms


We’re faced with quadruple threats: lockdowns, “natting maanee,” deadly virus, and stay away!

Magoo said he prefers “natting maanee” because it permits for the usual sigh at sunrise that we repeat at sunset confirming bankruptcy! Then we humbly check for whatever is left in the family purse to regain suspect confidence, after which it’s all long yawns and sighs—broke!

The bad times are global and most folks are floored by it. I see in the demeanor of our people’s troubled expressions depicting hardship at home. The challenge is woefully difficult, though usually eased by our culture of sharing. It definitely saves the day!

We go in and out of the argument on indigenous landownership under Article XII. It may be a grand provision intended to keep a “feel good” landownership for the local people.

But it’s good to realistically come to terms with the greater issue: the rights of citizens to own land. It’s even found in the preamble of our Constitution. It’s a citizen’s rights where ethnicity hardly plays a role at all.

You may be from Hawaii, a non-indigenous, but who can deny your constitutional rights to landownership if you decide to buy land here? None! It’s the principle of ownership as a citizen no one could deny.

We may feel statutory dictates grants full protection on this score but not when it infringes on the rights of others. At day’s end, it’s all about the Stars and Stripes Forever!

The virus has mostly displaced employees in the tourism industry both here and Guam. In the latter, there are about 38,000 who have filed for unemployment assistance. It’s an indication that the industry has seen decrease in its activities.

The instant global decrease adversely affected our mini-tourism too in devastating ways. It goes to show its fickleness that translates into far less visitors and revenue.

We may aspire for other economic ventures that are found right here at home. But what are they beyond disoriented intramural speeches?

The viral infection is fluid that blocks the bronchioles—where air passes in the lungs—denying breathing until one expires. Take care of loved ones especially the elderly so they stay healthy. Seek medical help where necessary. Don’t play doctor! This isn’t about the usual APC! It’s a fatal respiratory infection!

The spending of public funds requires legislative appropriation, a constitutional requirement. For instance, a certain amount may be appropriated for the governor’s use. He’s free to spend it within the approved amount and legal parameters.

Now, if the next fiscal year arrives without an approved budget for his use, then it’s money he could spend but stays within the original amount of the previous fiscal year. He can’t voluntarily increase it for such is the constitutional authority of the Legislature.

The appropriation of funds is a constitutional requirement before any spending is undertaken. Let’s use the KISS concept to keep everybody happily constitutional.

Whatever we spend in public funds must be accounted for so taxpayers know where their tax contributions are spent. It’s a constitutional mandate that must be followed. It’s funds that come under public auditor scrutiny to ensure adherence to the law.

About 46 million countrymen are in poverty. While they literally struggle to put food on the dinner table, Speaker Nancy Pelosi boasts of her gourmet ice cream she stashes in her $24,000 refrigerator.

Her lifestyle keeps her from seeing ordinary fellow countrymen outside her fenced luxury home. It brings into focus how she represents the million of destitute folks across the golden state. Mind boggling in every sense of the word. Does she even understand what poverty is about?

Joe has problems with gaffes his consultants are now struggling to keep him from the national press. The more the 76 year-old talks the more he shows he’s probably sliding into dementia.

Among prospects though Joe has the best credentials having been around DC for over forty years. It’s just that he even confuses simple geography, e.g., not sure if he’s in Idaho or Ohio.

Joe sounds as though he’s the Dems’ presumptive presidential candidate. Not quite and not until the issue is decided by the party around August or June at a convention.

The approval of laws is intended to help improve the quality of life of people in the community. It’s the constitutional duty. Have you done anything that factually upgraded the livelihood of your people? Can you name one?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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