Singing que sera


It is a year without lust fading into history quietly too. After all, we didn’t see anything major, decisive or exciting that factually made a difference in the year just receded.

And so we take restful stops in the awning of “la mañana” while struggling to look hopelessly intelligent, if not scholarly, or both.

That we haven’t done anything of significance encourages walking along the shore with fishing pole to reel in anything I could find and leap with it, blindly. Gee! Is the sentiment the result of the discordant “que sera” from Da Hills of Saipan?

But then it’s the usual, you know, laid back attitude singing “make the world go away” while our house is on fire. It must be one grand excuse to feed upon royal mañana. Obviously, there’s the lack of urgency all around. EVERbody home?

In spite of it all we’re not absolved from the responsibility guiding the fate of our people. So what’s your considered view of the most vital issue facing our simple folks at home today?

And I’m not asking this query of the alleged leadership on Da Hills of Saipan. With any decent IQ they ought to know better than any of us, sayu?


Homelessness of fellow citizens has reached crisis level across the fruited plain. In California alone nearly 200,000 families are without a roof over their heads.

So most have simply placed canopies along the streets and call it home. These folks comprise of the jobless, mentally ill and other filial setbacks. Throwing money at it isn’t the answer either.

State and federal officials have descended to figure out the beast. A lot need help finding the means for family support. A lot more need real time training to introduce them into new jobs.

Hopefully the dual intercession would assist families regain their dignity. The strength of the global community begins with the family.


Leadership requires vision and commitment to implement meaningful policies that factually improve the livelihood of simple villagers.
If you’re now in elected office, what have you done on a factual basis that improved family wellbeing across the archipelago? If your answer is “not yet, already” then it goes to show your lack of perception of your fiduciary duty!

I will personally research the performance of each elected official to see if he or she isn’t humming the dismissive lyrics “make the world go away”. It’s all a matter of integrity and commitment, isn’t it?


What is it that we lack today? Definitely, it is the persistent insufficiency of funds to meet basic needs. It is indicative that investments has either stagnated or stopped altogether. Nobody’s fault but one that requires critical ocular review.

Most Nippon investments are history! I have yet to see financial analysis how much was this economic loss but I heard familiar tune like “que sera”. Really?

So what have we manufactured beyond the usual adoption of useless resolutions as a badge of honor boasting irrelevant perception in policymaking? Could we market any of them to encourage revenue generation? Call it “lamañana!”

Indeed, our fate is contingent upon the quality of leadership at the helm. With competency things could move forward easily. Without it, it’s like a long rainy day that eases into a snore at the wheels. Eh, you sleepin` braddah?

Up front and center is the hardship nearly 15-thousand employees had to endure in poverty. It’s a condition forced upon them as a direct result of the elected elite’s obvious negligence and incompetence.


For now, I’d settle in grandpa’s chair in the dirty kitchen to see how events unfold rightly or wrongly. If I have to poke your overblown ego then see if you could grow thicker skin for criticism from taxpayers comes with the territory.
If you have doubts of hardship in the livelihood of our people take a cruise around town and make critical ocular review of life in family homes. Most villagers are still staring at their empty wallets and family purses quizzing whatever happened to promises of better days. They had to endure weird sunsets at 4pm quizzing, “Why is this?”


Trump Tower in downtown Manhattan, a 58-story building that is home to his money making global firms.
But this isn’t the tower I’m looking for other than the Donald’s grand success building unsurpassed economic prosperity nationwide. It’s unheard of since 1969. Did you get this pal?

It is this success that had me salivating what our future would be like if in fact there’s real time economic growth and development here. It simply means more businesses, jobs and higher income. But such isn’t the case, is it?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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