Sleepwalking issues


A straight news story said CUC is headed into insolvency (bankruptcy) if the CNMI government doesn’t pay its utility debt to the tune of $28.7 million. If it goes belly up or broke, how does it operate the utility system? This one definitely needs real time emergency declaration.

If we can’t pay CUC how else do we meet FY 2016 payment to the settlement fund of $30 million, $30 million to PSS, $38 million to CHC, other departments and agencies? As these fiscal obligations skyrocket, revenue generation has gone the other way—Deep South. It pains me to even mention this reality but we might as well know it now. Linguistic appeasement isn’t the answer to suppress reality. Expect heavy headwinds ahead.


President Obama delivered his facile moral equivalence of Christianity and Islam two weeks ago. I would have listened to his pretentious explanation if he had any faith. But the only faith he possesses is himself. Appalling his disconnect and wobbly verbal fire dancing, avoiding calling Muslim-inflicted atrocities across the country “terrorism.”

So help me God, hope nothing else happens that leads to our national destruction over the next two years! Furthermore, Muslims are killing Christians all over the world. So do we get off our horse? Sorry, Mr. O, I still prefer reading the third book in the Holy Bible, Leviticus! The Bible is not the same as the Koran, sir! Evidently, slavery existed before the time of Christ. No, not ready to subscribe to your disoriented moral idiocy!


The echo in these tumultuous times resembles descending steps into a traditional ancestral well. You know someone’s there, though unsure who it may be.

Troubling the ring in the decibels of the echo that has turned fearfully discordant. Are we headed into a huge headwind or mind numbing disaster? Is it natural or man-made? You could hear it in the calm of the night right before you retire. It sounds ominous.


In considering the FY 2016 budget, a benchmark per senatorial district should be established or money it must remit to the local treasury annually. Senatorial districts that fall short should be denied any funding until they meet their obligation. This should put the test of real leadership front and center for every taxpayer to see.


To move the CNMI we must have vision, leadership, and a genuine plan (blueprint) to follow and refine as we move along. Otherwise, we’re toying with persistent failure for failing to plan.

Some 250 southwest of the NMI is southern neighbor Guam. More international flights have moved in a plus for its tourism industry. It has even included village fiestas to allow tourists to assimilate into the local community.

Whenever something goes off kilter, it revisits its plan or blueprint, refines it, and moves forward. Second-guessing a destiny is bad from the outset. This has got to change. In brief, paradigms must change!


A joint recruitment for skydivers has started in hopes of finding loose change in the blue skies of paradise. They must also identify where in the deep blue are pennies, nickels and dimes buried.

It would also try anchoring the CNMI’s Air Bridge to secure it from being blown into the horizon. Strict orders were also given to find $28.7 million to pay CUC and other Cs. Rep. Roman Benavente was the latest recruit for the skydiving unit.

But the skydiving trip was aborted. Freedom Air is broke while Cape Air constantly sings “technical.” Sen. Snorkel and team are fearful of being stuck upstairs all night. Don’t want to miss their naptime downstairs.


In more ways than one, the deepening bankruptcy has folks on the hill stunned like frightened deer stuck in the headlights, blinded and disoriented. Magoo said it’s one too many job offers where there are no vacancies.

Must we change the Steering Cabin to avoid sinking like the Titanic did? It’s already turn belly up! So what else is there other than to memorialize internal inadequacies and royal failure? Putting a spin against the superiority of reality isn’t going to change the factual fiscal crisis here.


I don’t blame an all-out clamor to hide behind the cover of “protective order.” With fresh tips how even reverse co-optation rolled in before the last election, some have been rewarded handsomely. Others aren’t so happy leaving unable to engage babel for fear of self-incrimination. Interesting though the supersize maggots now crawling out of the filthy bag. A`saina!


Constructive policies are vital to pushing economic growth forward. So far policymakers have succeeded with cockfighting, prohibition of panty hanging in Garapan, public toilet cleanup; and other woefully irrelevant issues. Eh, try regulating betel nut chewing!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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