Starting anew


A plan is in the works to “restart” the local economy per a recent administration announcement. Sounds hopeful but I don’t recall seeing a plan anywhere in recent years.

Had there been a plan it would have been promoted from the outset. But there’s no plan so how could there be any basis for a “restart” on an issue that was never begun? Did you get that, pal?

The issue requires returning to the drawing board for factual preparation. Why promote perceptual plans that stir more queries than answers?

Bien felis
We join the family in prayers for former speaker Jose Lifoifoi, who recently passed away. The former speaker was among the founding fathers of the CNMI’s contemporary governmental system.

In spite of his fiduciary duty he never lost his grand sense of humor. Our prayers and thanks for all your contributions and let your journey home be guided by His heavenly angels. Si yuus maase` yan ghilisow!

I was in government for over 27 years and remember running into plans costing millions of dollars left to collect dust in various office shelves. Here we are again, threatening to embrace the same scheme. It must be part of our DNA or did we adopt one thinking it’s the latest innovation to derail work in perpetuity?

Would the planned restart pick up where we are today, improving upon our mini-tourism industry and other areas? Is it equally safe to assume that the plan may never be moved beyond pushing false public information? Yep! It seems we’ve heard that song before!

Learned that federal unemployment checks pay more than what regular jobs pay. The drawback is what’s called “unintended consequence.”

Must be reconciled so hardworking taxpayers don’t pay for the “happy days” of the unemployed. It’s always gratifying earning and bringing home the bacon, yeah? At least you know you’ve earned your dues!

We all have experienced being trapped in troubling thoughts we can’t pinpoint right off the bat. We retreat to see what the beast is about.

Subsequently, we identify the issue like the deadly coronavirus. Unfortunately, it coincides with the flu season while the virus mutates into more powerful strain, per a medical report. Together, we can endure this too!

Troubling in the sense that even the medical community isn’t sure what the viral infection is about. It’s a new strain to which studies have just begun.

Moreover, medical stories have it that a vaccine won’t be available until about two years from now. As it is the best answer to mitigate the virus is to “stay home.” Yep! A good opportunity to revive doing things together as a family while avoiding fatal infection.

Across the country, hospitals have been swarmed with sick folks needing medical attention. The most affected are the elderly whose immunity system has decreased because of age. It obligates us to take care of grandma and grandpa so they are clear of the deadly virus.

Mangaige hit gi tiempun ha`ilas ni umafagcha` yan finattun un` pipinu` na sagu (coronavirus). Mientras tantu, puede ti hana` fan tailaye hit este na pesti. Mas ke 100-mit na tautau esta man-dimalas giya America ginen este na sagu.

I chenut entre lo`lu`, masisisineg, mumuta` yan mañum dispues dimalas i malañgu piot ya amku`. I sagu ha dopblague` gi kuattru eskalera. Gigon mattu gi uttimu kanaha` seguru na makat para haye tinatme. I mikus ha tampe ayu na patte gi gofes `nai malolofan i mañglu`.

Na chatsaga i guaha 30-40 mit na tautau para u fan tai che`chu` giya Guam. I umaminasa kinalamten todu atmos lugat i maribahan ekonomia. Kumeke ilegña menus salape` yan cho`chu` gi komunida gi todu i dos lugat. Makat pinadesen maribahan ekonomia `nai menus offisiu para mantension familia.

Umasoda` dos pitbetsu gi hospitat pot achanina`ye masisineg. Ni unu sumañgan haf` pinadesisiña pot minamahlau. Dispues, sige umatahgue gi kemun hospitat. Uttimoña achamaliñgu sin adios! Kase pot para umagacha` i kemun i gima`. Speeding miles!

Tinampe estadun iya Michigan pagyun uchan. Dilubiu lamayot patte `nai guma tautau yan fasilidat publiku man-dinestrosia. Megai na familia manmapega gi safu na lugat pot piligru i manadan hanum ni lumumus kontodu guma` familia siha. Siña tapo`lu kumu iran dilubiu kontodu estadu siha gi orya.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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