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There’s eerie silence across this pearly isle though spring is supposedly the symbolic tool of rebirth of life everywhere. But nothing is moving. Even across the sea the Trump collusion probe collapsed.

It’s a deathblow and failed narrative for the anti-Trumpers and liberal media who wanted him impeached or removed. Folly and a humiliating catastrophic media failure or professional suicide or both! And it happens when one begins with a conclusion then try finding evidence to confirm it.

There’s also the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti’s “…meteoric rise and epic fall, doing the frog march after being slapped with federal charges.” Quite an accomplishment in skydiving without a chute!

Meanwhile, Fox’s Sean Hannity asserted there could be criminal indictments in the near-term against those who planned the Trump hoax. Should be newsy when investigative reports pinpoint evil geniuses behind it. It’s no kangaroo probe but an “investigation of the investigation” of ladies and gents of ink and blather.

As fire works explode, it seems the scorching heat of an unusually hot drought climate drains our energy highlighting our looking intelligently disoriented. But then it must be the lack of focus, you know, embracing false pretense wrapped in ignorance.

Exercise: Since time immemorial our people have lived off their tiny islands and abundance of sea resources around islands in the archipelago.

It’s tradition that has sustained our way of life for generations. It’s wise to see that it is preserved (especially sea resources) for it would continue feeding our people for generations to come.

We’ve lived through the nutritional values of fish and other sea resources harvested in our waters. It makes mandatory the duty to actively seek for their protection and preservation for use by future generation of islanders.

In the midst of it all we see the intrusion of military exercises that include high explosives falling into our waters not to mention the targeting of an island close by like Farallon De Mendenilla. So, what’s my point?

In 1974, I was a part of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in its annual inspection of people on the two islands in the Republic of the Marshalls, Rongelap and Utirik.

It was in the trip that I learned what happened subsequent to the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb explosion that took strategists by surprise for it was three times more powerful than estimated. Islanders in Rongelap, Utirik and others geographically situated had to deal with lethal thyroid cancer for life!

I also spent time with families on the graveyards of loved-ones killed by radiation on the two isles. You could imagine what was spinning upstairs as I struggled to untangle and understand the issue before me. Some of them had body deformities the result of radiation for living in radiation-laden home islands.

Despicable the condescending decision to destroy our land, sea, sea resources, health, and life as if we are lesser homo sapiens. Is the military capable of restoring destruction of our source of sustenance or life for that matter? Modern nuclear weaponry renders this form of exercise obsolete! Enough military exercises!

Concept: “Wealth and jobs creation” pertains to expansion of the business sector its success translating into more job opportunities and revenues. In its simplest form it’s about jobs and money! Has private industry here expanded in recent past? Are Da Boysis conversant of this concept?

Beyond our small tourism industry do we have any other part of the local economy sufficiently poised to serve as the other leg or scaffold? Aren’t there areas that merit critical review for eventual inclusion as steady components of the local economy?

Components: Yes, we’ve heard talk about improving farming and fishing to a commercial level. But we never really did anything up this alley to fulfill the vision. Has any effort been undertaken to explore more moneymaking ventures with farm or fish produce or did we simply “Leave It To Beaver?”

Unfortunate that traditional mode of life in farming and fishing has faded into the sunset. Yes, there are commercial farmers but farming in the traditional family way of working the soil is basically history.

Hope that someday soon something would break in terms of private industry expansion. We need some growth and development beyond conventional wisdom. Hmmm! The lights are on; is anybody home?

Vindication: The Mueller report is done where it found nothing pertaining to the suspected Trump collusion and obstruction with the Russians.

The conclusion may be the end of the beginning but not the beginning of the end. Already, pundits from the flip side of the political divide are preparing to conduct an investigation on the investigation.

It would be a protracted political show the net result of a farcical investigation, a humiliating failure! Important to note: Trump’s vindicated!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.
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