Tautological Tribute Trilogy

Sonnets inspired by Carl Sandberg

Money, Politics, Love, and Glory

“Why do those on the inside want to get out? Why do those outside want to get in?”

—Carl Sandberg, American poet (1878 – 1967)

My best guess to the answer of why those outside want to get in
and vice versa is money, and lots of it, poverty pushing power
in Bertolt Brecht’s play ‘Man Is Man’ a soldier tells his comrade
in arms, “I can’t move forward and I can’t move back” Stuck.
out of luck in the muck at war with words the economy absurd
power corrupts so are those who want power already corrupted
when were pathways to riches lost found detoured or interrupted
is acquiring money the necessary evil to bring people out of poverty
only to perpetuate poverty among others who live in their world
there is of course no glory whatsoever in hurting sisters and brothers
than the politics of love enters the picture with emotional scripture
a love for family children neighbors country husband and wife
will help the perilous passage between inside and outside desires
and help us maintain an even keel as we sail through our life.

The Plight of Bling Boy Billionaires

“They lied to each other, they lied with an importance of falsifying large. They broke out with impossible propositions. They acted as though they live in a republic of separate laws.”

—Carl Sandberg (1878 – 1967)

Do the words of Carl Sandberg’s poem ‘Chillicothe’ sound familiar
Sandberg writes, “They broke out with impossible propositions ”
certain members of Trump’s Cabinet take actions quite similar
think of Pruitt’s soundproof booth and travel purchase requisitions.
45 picks ’em up and subsequently kicks ’em out with regularity
Sandberg, “They acted as though they live in a republic of separate laws”
today his Cabinet secretaries operate their departments with similarity
abusing privileges in jobs over their head they tighten their jaws.
He stationed billionaires in his Cabinet to his right and to his left
they were appointed regardless of experience or area of expertise
while most of them continue with what is clearly taxpayer theft
which seems to be an insatiable bling boy billionaire’s disease.
As the nation watches democracies downfall in horror and fright
in broad daylight Trump’s cronies practice their pecuniary plight.

We Don’t Know the Half of It

“ … the government at Washington lives. Let it go at that. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Figures don’t lie but liars can figure. There’s more truth than poetry in that. You don’t know the half of it, dearie.”

—From “Good Morning America” by Carl Sandberg.

A recent factoid printed and broadcast by what the POTUS brands
the ‘lying media’ says that our 45th POTUS has told more than 3,000
lies since taking office. I think most Americans in red states and blue
would agree with the motto “In God We Trust”. Is a new motto
entering commonplace parlance in our everyday speech? Maybe
“Trump Tweets A Bust” or “45 Ways Why Not To Trust POTUS.”
Who knows whether he’ll make it four years through his first term.
now only two high ranking generals keeping the ship of state afloat
personal and government lawyers and WH staff all starting to squirm
Trump oblivious more focused increasing future Republican votes
many voters on the left and right sides of the political spectrum
tired of the constant cascade of lies and expectations to get used to it
think of our 45th POTUS as a serious pain in the nations rectum
who tweets daily strategy and policy online off-the-cuff as he sees fit.


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