Temblors in paradise


Though the coconut tree wanted to rest, its leaves are pulled in umpteen ways by the trade winds that wanted to pass by. That was the kind of weekend I had—looked forward to calm and peace—yet issues kept popping up looking for critical review.

A friend pointed out nepotism in government that not only mushroomed but blossomed as well. You connect the dots and the domino takes you all the way to the top guns on imperial Capital Hill. It obviates questions that encourage our outlining sets of theories that show their apparent agenda. Thus, their need to place nepotism pillars to guard the imperial Fort Torres-Hocog base.

There’s “scandal in the wind”—the arrest of a former DPS commissioner for his alleged role in the sexual molestation of a minor. There’s also a plan in incubation to appeal a gun law recently declared unconstitutional. Woe! A personal retreat is a must to remap the course of the NMI over the short and long-term. I can safely say that “trust” in government has eroded to an all time low.

Meanwhile, the quality of life in the villages consistently and persistently deteriorates while Guv. Torres and Senator Arnold Palacios are in American Samoa to attend a flag-day ceremony. Did these guys forget that their workstation is in the islands? What benefits would accrue to the taxpayers who paid for your trip? Let’s see how the “solutions driven” team disposes of issues with some semblance of integrity and maturity.


Commission: This was seconded by a proposal to appoint a commission to review salaries of public officials claiming it hasn’t been reviewed for quite some time. Did you forget that salaries and wages for employees in both sectors have been stagnant for over 20 years?

What makes you think you’re any different from other employees? Recently, the Senate gave each member $2,500 per month for expenses without the need for a commission. Halo?

What’s the position of senators Arnold Palacios, Sixto Igisomar, and Justo Quitugua? Let’s see how these guys justify their existence. The most they could spout is that they didn’t have their reading glasses on, really? Are you suffering from bad eyesight too?

Is “initial apprehension” a major deficiency among geniuses on imperial Capital Hill? You want more money while 51 percent of employees are under the federal poverty income level?

Did you know this and have you done anything in stride to improve their calcified income? Did you forget that these employees are people too? Appalling how self-interest has gone ahead of the common good for the people you’ve chosen to ignore! Seesuzzzz!


Infrastructure: The emplacement of basic infrastructure of water, power, sewer, and roads opens up opportunities for investments to gravitate to the new development venue. Without it, nothing moves be it here or anywhere in nearby Asian countries.

But such a plan should come from the central government. The prevailing helter-skelter method only delays planned projects now waiting in hangars. To employ legislative scolding sessions of agencies is itself a violation of the separation of powers. A one-stop shop for permits is solely the purview of the administration not the leyisleche!

About the only time the Legislature could intervene is via an oversight hearing on matters involving open violation of laws or blossoming corruption. It’s good to understand the concept of separate but equal branches of government. Otherwise, you’d be searching for the back door confused over your fiduciary roles. One more “biba” isn’t going to help you either!

Irony: The “equal protection clause” inherent under the Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution supposedly guarantees all citizens “equality” under the law. Somehow, the principle skips citizens from any and all U.S. territories. Do you wonder why?

Furthermore, equal representation in the U.S. Congress is another law that fails citizens. Senator Elizabeth Warren calls the unusual arrangement rendered citizens outside of the fifty states “absurd”. Is there a way out of this inconsistency and most importantly, inequality?


For all the noise about culture and tradition one wonders if we mean what we say and say what we mean or is it just another spout to sound suspiciously relevant and dangerously intelligent. It’s words versus action. There doesn’t seem to be any conviction behind it. Proof?

The perpetuation of our peoplehood now solely rests on our lingo. That our kids speak English from morning to sunset hardly conversant in their own language is the perfect recipe in the eventual loss of what’s left of culture and tradition. Cultural extinction is our next pit stop just to shake hands and our last adios.


Joint Defense: My friend Magoo agrees with The Donald that Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and other allied countries in the Asian region should help pay more of the cost of joint defense. He said that Japan shouldn’t hold unto its pacifist posture when the balance of power is being disrupted by China. He’s alluding to the Senkaku Islands.

Obama isn’t a believer of “kaboom” diplomacy preferring that we talk rationally to radical Islamist murderers determined to annihilate our existence! Well, my reaction won’t be civil but a natural animal instinct of kill or be killed when an intruder enters my residence in the wee hours of the morning. No room for talk stories, braddah!

And so out the window goes deteriorated relationships with allied countries, a woefully weak security system for fellow citizens while Obama massages his Muslim upbringing not to mention the near-total weakening of our defense system. It seems Obama has succeeded in his socialistic agenda as the silent messiah of Muslims. Never again, sir!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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