The islands at 40


When nothing seems right—after 40 years of self-government—perhaps there’s a giant allergen somewhere that needs to be removed. I’m not sure that rhetorical or metaphorical antihistamine would resolve the issue altogether. But may I share some observations:

I had to probe what seems to be the missing link in the persistent ineptness among the elected elite here on major issues. Apparently, most aren’t particularly certain or conversant of pertinent matters, fiduciary duties, or basic documents governing our relationship with our national government.

Don’t fret in that it isn’t disastrous altogether. At least there’s progress as elected officials try to exit their ineptness morphing into confusion. I remain optimistic it isn’t a total loss altogether. There’s still suspect hope!

Since when are legislators allowed to prevent favorite business firm from regulatory agency review while others must go through to the letter? Evidently isn’t this also in violation of the Hobbs Act prohibiting power peddling? The case is evolving and sublimely interested how it eventually pans out.

Obviously, there’s also the dire need to learn the concept of supremacy of laws. It means we follow the most powerful laws that begin with the U.S. Constitution, federal, then local laws.

The Murkowski U.S. Senate committee hearing pointed out oversight issues that are right here at home requiring disposition with integrity. Ignorance of your fiduciary duties isn’t an excuse whatsoever! Remember you took an oath to uphold the laws of the land?

Review the basic documents and stop braving brain freeze delusional view boasting what the documents said that it didn’t say. Reminds me what Dr. Martin L. King said: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Agreed!

Time! It’s all about political maturity and meeting the expectations of “we the people” in the delivery of basic public services. We’re fortunate to have the oversight authority of the U.S. Congress as in the recent Lisa Murkowski hearing.

She pointed out an array of law violations and corruption among the elected elite here. Trust me. This isn’t capitalism but gift-wrapped corruption!


Evolving: In the book Unaccountable, the term “corruption” is redefined as crimes that have reached a certain level of sophistication.

Your decision on the 80-percent salary increase to pad your wallets came while 14,000-plus employees are stuck with poverty income. Are you panicking for feeling the hot breath of vicious public disapproval on your thin-skinned neck for taking care of No. 1 first?

You’d be making $106,000 per year while the employee earning $24,600 gets a thousand-dollar salary hike. There’s still a gap of some $30,000. Did you attempt employing what’s known in economic parlance as the Pareto Improvement? Or is the concept completely foreign to you?

Herein lies the “inequality” of $30,000 big ones where lowly paid employees sigh and yawn for hopeful tomorrow. This action meets the meaning of the term corruption!

Woe! The NMI Constitution says that use of all public funds require legislative appropriations. How did Biktot Hokog miss this provision written in simple English as to brave expropriating $400,000 in taxpayers’ money? Is it a case of humiliating reading deficiency?

WD40 oil: Piqued my imagination how politicos are searching for WD40 (lañan machamat) oil to prevent a certain phenomenon from occurring. The WD asks, “What’s your Disease?” and is it really about health or suspect fear of the inevitable?

Well, the arm of the law is sufficiently long to place handcuffs on your wrists and placed in a venue to sing some sentimental melody alone!

Heard the focus has shifted from re-election to preventing long hibernation at DOC or some federal penitentiary between San Diego and Arizona. The shift from the sublime to the ridiculous! Hey, WD40 lasts longer than coconut oil!

Apparently, the NMI finds itself stark naked for there’s nobody from the other side of the Pacific to blame for the piles of mess at home except the elected elite.

Definitely, incumbent Republicans are fatally troubled by their magical 80-percent salary increase. They’re all whispers telling one another to hush or “don’t loud!”


Fiduciary: If you have clarity of understanding of your fiduciary duty why haven’t any of you demanded the return of taxpayers’ money expropriated by Biktot Hokog to the tune of $400,000?

Or is it a case of “don’t loud” for flying together with birds of a feather? Humiliating! Imagine students of government in high schools here and NMC chuckling at your weak-kneed resolve or reading deficiency what your fiduciary duty entails.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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