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Traditional political establishments have begun fundraising for the midterm election this November. I’ve kept my ears to the ground listening for rhyme and reason why incumbents should be re-elected after an abysmal performance and report cards riddled with failure!

The fundraising may succeed but changing the narrative spewing out of villagers’ mouth like volcanic eruption would derail such effort. Remember a recent election when nearly every incumbent was booted from office? What’s coming down the pike would be a grand slam repeat of history!

Why would voters turn against incumbents backed by elites this coming midterm election? Is it because voters see them as insane? Nah! It’s because they are sane and sanely negligent and greedy. They have seen fit to embrace affluenza—hook up with rich sugar daddies—as to ignore the interest of the people that elected them into office. This narrative is a common mouthwash everywhere!

The central question for incumbents is simple: what have you done to improve the quality of life of employees and their families over the last year? It’s called family economics where they had to deal with increases in the price of basic goods and other necessities. Name a specific measure you’ve sponsored successfully resolving this issue full square!

Look at your own history of toxic performance to gauge if you’re worth re-electing. I mean if you’re doing it out of pointless political camaraderie then it means you find pleasure insulting our intelligence, right? What’s your point anyway? No worries! I’m not delusional pointing out issues requiring solid answers from incumbents, aspiring policymakers and GOP elites.

The genesis of the impending NMI economic annihilation and total bankruptcy is in USPL 110-229. Have you any realistic answer to prevent famine-like conditions in the villages when the disaster hits home? What irrational excuse is up your sleeve for delaying timely payment of land compensation? Have you come up with a back-up program in the event Medicaid and Medicare are terminated? Economic measures to reboot the doldrums at home?

These are what I call “Issues That Matter” you must address and resolve with rock solid answers. Tons of useless “biba” isn’t going to cut the cake either. No worries! I will be out on the campaign trail to trumpet your abysmal record and performance.

Evacuation! Remember the 3,000-plus folks that evacuated elsewhere some seven years ago because of the lack of meaningful economic opportunities at home?

Appalling how slaying opportunities out of negligence has gotten the NMI into a bind it can’t figure out nor resolve on its own. It’s all self-inflicted.

Well, it’s unbearably disorienting and I could only envision how families would fare once our canoe sinks in the deep blue of incompetence and negligence.

Incoherence: We didn’t do our homework on future multi-year financial assistance for the NMI that should pay for a wide range of programs. We would miss the opportunity to plan for growth and development in the absence of CIP funds.

A realistic master plan provides room for the NMI to define its aspirations beyond tourism into other sectors. It’s a fickle industry that shifts landscape instantly whenever something’s gone awry nearby. It makes sense to look at other sectors for development beyond conventional wisdom.

It should also be understood that without definition the NMI plunges into the fallacy of its own negligence piled by paralysis on most fronts. Well, how does it move without money, piled by deficit spending and labor-deficit? Any decent idea how to weather the impending disaster?

There’s a wide-open alternative to easing the impending mess, but leadership is a scarce commodity in the islands. Sure, there are illegitimate office holders wrapped in confusion as significant issues intensify the dire need for attention and resolution.

The obvious lack of any sense of organization is humiliating. We seem to be preparing to fail as we set ad hoc plans to “advance to the rear.” USCIS doesn’t have to justify our needs. We do! But the afternoon siesta we’ve taken after a heavy meal of bone soup and rice had us perfecting the Sisyphus complex!

Confused: While it’s understood that it pertains to the economy, the administration is out of focus on issues that matter. The candle in the wind—local economy—at the entrance of the cave is hopelessly struggling to stay lit while humming “Are You Sleeping?”

We hear aimless and irrelevant rhetoric from all over. The overall mess is found Marianas-wide doubled down by a Tinian investor who closed shop and left a bundle of mess behind. Whatever happened to the legal requirement of fund deposit to handle repatriation?

Whatever the impending mess the NMI remains a federal obligation per the Covenant Agreement where Uncle Sam is supposed to build economic prosperity or a “progressively higher standard of living”, whatever that means.

Clarification: The issue on the impending labor shortage reverts to an even more vital question: what has the NMI done to train and educate its young people so they upgrade their skills? Did we ever define the goal of education? Did it include key players in both sectors? Or did we move along under the assumption that another mea culpa would get us through a difficult hurdle founded on negligence and inadequacy?

This isn’t to point a finger at anyone other than to re-awaken all players of the dire need to defining the goal of education for our young people. While I admire our very own taking up training in the various vocations at a trade school, unfortunately teachers had to spend teaching their students basic math and English. This deficiency is horrific! And unless basics are placed under their belt chances of succeeding in class is at best, iffy.

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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