The POTUS Races


for months now the POTUS course is
disappointing all of us who truly mind
those candidates leading election horses
with angry crowds following behind
the U.S. has had great candidates before
who supported freedom and the constitution
now candidates and the media engage in war
voters question the election as an institution
the entire nation seems to be up in the air
as campaigns make their final speaking lap
with hope that all voting is fair and square
that cheating and voter fraud stays off the map
many weary now as the POTUS race finishes
and hope for the end of discord diminishes
title inspired by W.B. Yeats’ At Galway Races 1910.
Never Cast a Vote in Anger

please try to never cast a vote in anger
think twice about the lies you’ve heard
don’t risk putting our great country in danger
sift truth and untruth from political words
when the sound byte fades and turns to black
try and recall the gist of what was just said
was it propaganda from a political hack
or a candidate talking off the top of his head
after all it is easy enough for them to say
with all the campaign funds in their hands
anything to persuade you to vote for them today
and of their opponent make hypocritical demands
so when political hype or gaffes make you upset
remember you haven’t heard the rest of the story yet
Title inspired by W.B. Yeats Never Give all the Heart 1904. In The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats, 2nd edition, poems from The Winding Stair and other Poems 1933 has two 12 line poems designated with the Roman numerals X. Her Anxiety and XI. His Confidence. I used Yeats 12-line pattern and kept verbatim the last two lines from each of the six line sections of Her Anxiety. They seemed so appropriate.
HRC Her Anxiety

How could I have ever guessed
my private emails would become such a thing
millions of tax dollars to find out why
lengthy hearings held they won’t let it rest
new email revelations make it seem never ending
“Prove That I Lie”
then male sexual transgressions ugly face
goes viral nationwide from both sides
and all Trump does is Deny, Deny, Deny
as the bottom is scraped in the POTUS race
for what its worth it won’t help voter’s decide
“Prove That I Lie”
DJT His Confidence

unlimited money to buy
I speak to you
all wrongs done I deny
true red, white, and blue
how much money do you need
to help my campaign succeed
some of my business deals went bankrupt
I became the king of debt
and learned money and power corrupt
despite IRS taxes my money’s hard to get
with tax returns the basic fact of the matter is
I’m a billionaire who pays very little taxes.

The Weight Of Trump’s Ignorance

Benjamin Franklin when asked which is
the best form of government said, “A
republic if you can keep it. For it won’t
last under the weight of ignorance.”
indeed I am insulting to my own ignorance
because ignorance has an inherent excuse
my lacking understanding issues of substance
committing various types of sexual abuse
blocking immigrants who better their lives
working hard jobs, long hours, for low wages
bringing their families, children and wives
to escape poverty and persecution outrageous
I’m insulting to all good American people
with constant lies, exaggerations, angry words
in interviews, in stadiums, under steeples
each day getting more and more absurd
my campaign continues the same day after day
putting my obstinate ignorance up on display

Beseeching Our Lady of Cyberspace

lead us into cyberspace
beyond knowing and not knowing
to the topmost summit of truth
where email mysteries lie hidden
unchanged and undeleted
beyond the dark clouds
of secretive silence where
all cyberspace is illuminated
by truth and transparency
our thirst for these emails
the mysteries contained within
is wholly unsatiated
our minds are blinded
until their contents are unveiled
My inspiration comes from Dionysius the Areopagite.


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