The Sour Soup of Impeachment


“Some things are lawful, but awful. And that could go into the soup of impeachment.”
—Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee),
Judiciary Committee member, June 2019

What if you don’t like eating Capitol Hill partisan soup?
What if you don’t like the way Republican Senators stew?
or 45’s loaded canned speeches in a tweet storm loop
Georgia crackers and a cheating crooked cabinet too?

Speaker Pelosi over and over reiterating ‘no way Jose’
not wanting Trump to use impeachment for his benefit
she knows the Republican Senate won’t throw him away
and so 45 keeps on saying unlawful things he deems fit.

The majority of the Democratic House says go go go
impeachment could wind up the way it did for Clinton
the House voted to impeach and the Senate said no
a redacted Mueller’s report now hits second printing.

The more Americans that read it the better we all can see
how the sour soup of impeachment feeds our democracy.

A Laundry List of Not So Laughable Limericks

Lady Melania Macbeth thankfully completely out of the picture
45’s adult children and in-law draw up Middle East scriptures
Jared Kushner in deep denial about MBS Prince of Araby
and Saudi involvement in chopping up journalist Kashoggi
while in DC Saudi hotel guests make the King of Debt richer.

Cabinet member Elaine Chao McConnell the Cheater
is married to the United States Senate Majority leader
she is not usually called Kentucky’s Mrs. Mitch McConnell
but is busy learning corrupt practices from her boss the Donald
for hubby’s campaign she’s already a multi million dollar feeder.

Over thirty Trump staffers and cabinet members by name
have been fired, are in jail, resigned, or quit in shame
Commerce Sec’y Wilbur Ross and Madame Cheater Chao
are coming under more intense corruption scrutiny now
with Bigly Boss 45 at the base of their respective blame.

Gleeful Trumpistas wrote in their columns “ he is vindicated ”
but that’s not what Mueller’s four hundred page report indicated
there are some who still claim the report took Trump off the hook
turns out they had never even seen or read Special Counsel’s book
but believed what Attorney General Barr’s four page letter stated.

Doing their job the House Oversight Legislative Committee
requested papers to find obstruction – well didn’t or did he
when their subpoenas were refused they threatened contempt
so AG Barr finally released some papers to himself redempt
counterintelligence grand jury reports will show no pity.

Impeachment inquiry is part of Congressional oversight
due to Republican foot dragging it won’t happen over night
from US Senate President Mitch McConnell right on down
partisan politicians protect the malignant narcissistic clown
whose dalliance with dictators proves he’s not very bright.

On the 2020 Horizon There is Always Hope
A satiric sonnet rap on the devolution of democracy

No homes for the homo, Sec’y Ben Carson says ‘No Mo’
selective discriminatory social surgery dystopic mergery
Sec’y Ben Carson says of transgender lets bar some
terrible tragic times caused by Trumpian swamp slimes
as the King of Debt counts his pennies, nickels, and dimes
want more Trumpista true and incredible fables for sure
see Ben Carson’s purchase of costly tables and furniture
no government help for homeless LGBTQ transgender
this new D. Trump/ B. Carson policy is a real mind bender
show me who Trump goes with I’ll tell you what they are
a bunch of creeps, cheats, and crooks who don’t read books
sickly sycophants, small minded folks that have strayed afar
Irish protest rhyme “ up the long ladder and down the short rope”
2020 is on the horizon and optimists believe there is always hope.

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)
Joey “Pepe Batbon” Connolly is a retired teacher and has been named a poet laureate of Tinian. He has taught English in CNMI public schools for the past 30 years. He has also taught in Alaska, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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