TMS students show love for their teachers


In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Tanapag Middle School is having this article published in honor of the school’s teachers.

Subject: Language Arts
Grade: 6-7

Dear Ms. Nicole: I would like to thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You are considerate, hardworking, and try your best to make us have fun when we learn. You listen to our ideas and problems and give us great advice when we need help. You are thoughtful and can tell when one of your students is feeling down. You have the instincts of a parent, are hardworking, kind, and smart. You make sure no one is falling behind and you challenge us to improve our skills. You are a teacher of many strengths and talents. You are independent and intelligent. You try your hardest to get the job done each and every day. You push us because you want the best for us. I wish most teachers are like you. You are truly one of a kind. To us, you are irreplaceable. You are not just a teacher at Tanapag Middle School. You are part of the Tanapag family. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Tataga family!!
Written By: Jimmy Joe Marquez, 8th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

Subject: Fine Arts
Grade: 6-8

Ms. Beatrice is a wonderful teacher! I’ve known her since elementary school and I’ve come to realize her strengths. One is the Lord. She will put Him first in any situation, bad or good. Ms. Beatrice strives and fights to provide the best for her students. She teaches art and her students look forward to going to her class. I enjoy her class because it is fun and also because she shows us that art generates a love of learning and creativity.
Where do I start? I’m very lucky to have you, Ms. Beatrice! I’ve known you for five years, and I can honestly say that you are a really good teacher. You lead us students to the right path and talk to us often about where we should go and what we should do instead of just dropping out of school. You are amazing and wonderful to me. Thank you, Ms. Beatrice, for helping to guide me in the right direction, and helping me through my ups and downs and struggles. Love you! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Tataga family!
Written By: Francisco Aldan, 8th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 6-7

Every teacher has his or her own technique, routine, and way of teaching, but it was Ms. Baza’s character that I have become fonder of. Growing up with Ms. Baza as my teacher, she was always one who stood out with spirit and enthusiasm. She was one that showed us there was more to life after high school. Ms. Baza was there every step of the way through elementary and middle school. Every typical teacher like Ms. Baza was fun and creative in their own way, but Ms. Baza was the most tolerant of all. She distinguished right and wrong and exhibited impressive guidance toward us students. She comes to school walking with pride and enters the classroom with passion and attitude. While Ms. Baza is teaching, she doesn’t let any negative effects interfere with her day. Ms. Baza inspires students to pursue productive and innovative careers. She is one of the most straight up teachers I know, teaching us lessons in life and how to make right choices to succeed. When I am in high school, I will surely miss the memorable moments I had with Ms. Baza. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Tataga family!
Written by: Froilan Camacho, 8th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

Subject: Career Exploration
Grade: 6-8

For Teacher Appreciation Week, I would love to appreciate Mrs. Acelia DelaCruz. Mrs. DelaCruz is one of the most thoughtful, humble, and encouraging teachers I know. She always puts her students first and brings joy to the classroom. Her time as my teacher has made me believe that you can learn and have fun at the same time. I know it is a big world out there but Mrs. DelaCruz has prepared my classmates and me for the future.
Mrs. DelaCruz uses different styles of learning to ensure that everyone understands what we are being taught. Mrs. DelaCruz has been a teacher for many years. She has also made an impact on many students’ lives throughout her years as an educator. She brings joy to Tanapag Middle School with her presence and light. Mrs. Acelia DelaCruz is an amazing teacher and I am honored to appreciate her through this article. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Tataga family!
Written by: Trinity Cruz, 8th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

Subject: Math
Grade: 6-7

Teacher Appreciation Week is a very important time in the month of May. So, for this week, I am honored to appreciate Mrs. Amor Rabauliman. Mrs. Amor is very kind and a very understanding teacher. Throughout my three years as a student in Tanapag Middle School, I can see how much of an impact Mrs. Amor has made on my friends and fellow classmates. She is an amazing listener and has an amazing personality.
Mrs. Amor was my math teacher in sixth grade. I remember she had multiple activities to help us learn easier. Mrs. Amor has committed her time to the school system for quite a while. She has brought joy to many students’ lives and to the staff as well with her determination to provide high quality instruction. She listens to students and she brings a sense of safety to us. So, for the month of May, I am proud to compose this article dedicated to you, our math teacher, Mrs. Amor Rabauliman. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your Tataga family!
Written by: Trinity Cruz, 8th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

Position: SPED teacher aide
Grade: 6-8

Ms. Johanna is a one-on-one teacher aide at TMS. As a teacher aide she is very reliable and dependable. Students like her because she laughs a lot and has made many friends since she began working this school year. Ms. Johanna is skilled at speaking other languages; one such language is Chuukese. She has made a great difference in our school by taking care of and helping students with their unique and special needs. She is a kind person with a beautiful smile. We are very appreciative of the decision Mrs. Johanna has made to choose education among other professions. It is a tough job, but Mrs. Johanna remains committed and determined to provide the best care to her student. The strengths that she has as an educator are being reliable, helping others, patience, and perseverance. Ms. Johanna, I see your hard work as an educator and I want to say, keep it up and Happy Teacher Week!  
Written by: Michael Tomokane, 6th Grade, Tanapag Middle School

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