On Torres’ protective order


Lt. Gov. Raphael Torres refuses to answer questions about his Hong Kong, Macau, and Manila trips reportedly per his counsel’s advice. This pricked my curiosity and definitely raises more questions of trips in 2013-2014 along with his servile cabal that co-opted casino investors with grand obedience in servility.
As an observer I may have to keep my trap shut.

But as a taxpayer, I’d like to know who paid for the trips: Did Torres pay for it? Was it paid for by taxpayers’ money? Or was it an all-expense paid trip by a mystery firm? It is rumored that the trip between Hong Kong and Macau was done via private jet.

Wasn’t this a form of gobbling freebies the perfect recipe to compromising integrity in the process? Is this why the repeal and substitution of the original casino law in the last Legislature per the whimsical dictates of BSI? This definitely is a tale of character compromising integrity altogether. It’s a predatory scheme you and cabal had co-opted that would eventually lead to cultural marginalization and permanent destruction.

Torres won’t even answer who authored the HK-drafted casino bill. Legislative counsels here said it “mysteriously” appeared and “tiptoed” through both chambers in quick succession and inked at midnight.

But didn’t the House impeach a governor for lack of transparency and couldn’t hold the same self-imposed standard against itself? Appalling the new modus operandi in the culture of the ephemeral doubled down by deceit!

As it is BSI has yet to find and secure land and ensure that basic infrastructure deficit and requisite labor needs are resolved accordingly. Did you people ignore federal mandate that the NMI replace non-citizen workers with citizens over the next five years? Realistic hurdles the NMI must resolve forthwith. The people you represent, e.g., “we the people” deserve to know answers to these queries, sir! It’s all about transparency and the rule of law in a democracy!

An article in The Wall Street Journal (Asian Edition) two days ago reported a 17.4 percent drop in revenues in Macau casinos, what with the purging of corruption that kills both money laundering and junket tours, the playground of the triad. Do you understand the implications of these events against your pipe dream investment scheme here?

You literally must build a towering air bridge to escort it home, true? Someone once said don’t insult an alligator until you cross the river. The alligators—we the people—are here watching, patiently, munching on breadcrumbs.

Indigenous issues as cover
When we reach the pinnacle of our career, the only other turn is the inevitable: Descent or a slow walk down the stairs to where we started. It is as sure as gravity confirming, time and again, that what goes up must come down.

Whatever it may be, it’s hierarchical burnout. The supple muscles melt while mental acuity heads toward dementia land where you meet “senior moments” or fuzzy memory.

Strange, though, how political dinosaurs have never learned this life’s lesson. The clever use of the term “indigenous” as though peripheral or inconsequential depicts the depth of their understanding of indigenous issues. Moreover, their understanding is founded in the culture of the ephemeral—it doesn’t last at all.

Though we kept our sentiments under the cover of civility, we know it was nothing more than last ditch political exploitation that quickly evaporated as a result of the lack of credibility and substance. Well, we’ve sent them on that final journey into the sunset.

Strangely, people I thought were trustworthy crumbled like crispy marshland reed when faced with the moral issue of leadership on casino. They turned partners of the political elite, co-opting casino investors by taking their place in the chow line for their share of unearned glory. Why didn’t they slam the deal?

Ironically, they wanted change but refused to put their best foot forward when it really mattered. It goes to show their character, lack of principle and gravitas. Embarrassing!

Said management guru Peter Drucker, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” They have neither! They had Magoo yawning for the last three months already!

In the midst of the deepening economic mess, have the guys really buckled down to studying our economic posture, specifically what contributed to revenue generation going south? Was it all “biba,” ignorant of how we’ve missed the boat while sitting at the port?

Our land is leased dirt cheap, then we become nothing more than servile utilitarian as bellboys, gardeners, chambermaids, sales clerks, janitors, bus drivers, etc. Is this our future in tourism?  If anything, there’s only one thing we’ve embraced with real time consistency: inconsistency and redundant adolescent disorientation! Hello! Anybody home?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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